Hail Storm? Might as Well call Insurance Company


Attended a social function about a month ago where a party goer mentioned she and her husband had their insurance company do an inspection of their roof after the significant hail storm that struck Roswell NM. She was kind of rolling the dice as neither her nor her spouse had observed any damage or leaks.

The insurance company cut them a check anyway for roof repairs that had to be used by a certain deadline or check would be voided I think. I am not sure why many insurance companies do this when there was no damage to shingles or signs of water accumulations in the attic?

I was reminded of this today in the following pic taken of the home at southwest corner of west eighth and Wyoming streets. You can see three roofers working on replacing a roof which may have been damaged in same hail storm.

Roofers Roswell NM Hail Storm


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