Heroin Addiction Battles


Espanola,NM suffers the depressing distinction of having more heroin overdoses per capita than any place in the world.

They even have a prominently placed billboard in middle of city advising its highly addictive citizenry to carry Naltrexone to help save the life of a friend or family member who is overdosing.

Naltrexone is a drug that arrests the effects of opioids. It is almost exclusively  used in the management of alcohol and opioid dependence. So the dreadful action of taking one addictive drug to offset the ingestion of a more deadly one is happening in a town not too far down the road from Bodes General Store in Abiquiu(Breaking Bad territory)


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  1. Read the well researched article by Wheeler Cowperthwaite(a gentleman with a name like this can’t hide from Google) regarding the overdose rates in Rio Arriba County. The prescription drug alprazolam, known by the brand name Xanax combines lethally with other drugs.

    The lingering death of Richard Hice was particularly disturbing. Mayor Alice Lucero is not particularly cooperative with the media on the crisis addiction levels and their causes. County Commissioner Barney Trujillo had two of his mother’s brothers OD and is probably the most effective public figure to deal with this hellish problem.

    1. Roswell has its share of addiction problems. Ricardo Alaniz, out of his mind on meth, was grabbing his genitalia near the front desk of the police department. RPD reported he was completely naked, sweating and screaming.

      The really pathetic aspect of this is Alaniz has 20 other pending criminal charges in magistrate and district courts!!

      1. James Mott ended up at the state prison for men in Concord. The reason? Meth use for the purpose of mitigating his heroin addiction. Ella Nilson writes that he consumed as much as 3.5 grams a day of Chrystal meth to make him crave heroin less!

        The gaunt, emaciated 31 year old was incarcerated for cooking meth in a home housing a minor. He is trying to fly straight, bettering himself by reading self help books in prison.

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