Homelessness in Carlsbad, New Mexico


We saw this homeless man just after enjoying our free admission to Carlsbad Caverns on President’s Day. He was begging for any kind of handout he could get just under the free pit bull pup sign which was next to a memorial to somebody who ┬ádied in a traffic accident on Canal street(us285)

I certainly do not know that this pauper by appearance was homeless.

Homeless man at Walmart in Carlsbad,NM
Homeless man at Walmart in Carlsbad,NM

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  1. This homeless man in Carlsbad is probably out of harms way at this busy street intersection since Gene Hackman is almost 300 miles away in Santa Fe! Ha Ha. You beggars who hang out in Santa Fe might get pimp slapped by famous actors if you get out of line. Hackman actually knew the bum and had previously given him clothing, food, and money! On this particular day, the vagrant called Hackman’s wife a C….t and the famous actor slapped him silly!

    1. Thanks to Robert Jacquez for taking the initiative to create a homeless tent city replete with a barber shop, educational classes, and psychiatric help. There is 90 day time limit for residency to make sure lazy bums don’t get too comfortable at property tax payers expense!

    2. Did you know the bonanza character Hoss Cartwright taught at Eddy Elementary School in Carlsbad, New Mexico? He left us way too early succumbing to a pulmonary embolism after gall bladder surgery. He died in 1972. Dan Blocker was an affable gentleman who spent some of his life in San Angelo TX. Read the work of pop culture addict Sam Tweedle for breadth and depth on Mr Blocker.

  2. This looks like Roswell homeless man Elwood Parkins who was flashing a credit card reader attached to his mobile phone according to Michael Trujillo.

    There are a lot of bums,beggars and vagrants at the Roswell mall and Sams Club.

    The lowlife pauper claims it is a hoax, but anything to get the scum out of there. We don’t go to the mall because city does nothing to get them out of there.

    Jeneva Martinez, a homeless advocate, needs to quit feeling sorry for these types.

    1. Speaking of lowlifes, Diana Connell of Roswell wrote a thoughtful letter to editor describing how she tripped at Circle K convenience store. She also mentions how scum around the city tell her she should sue the store. I admire her for not retaining an attorney even though the store had not tapered the sidewalk in a fashion that would likely have prevented the injury inducing fall.

      Best of luck getting your book series published Miss Connell

    2. Homeless woman Erika Craycraft was on KOB Albuquerque news for getting a free meal from a wedding feast where bride to be was stood up at the altar by a groom with cold feet.

      1. Kasia Gregorczyk of KOB TV has cute gap between her front teeth. I wonder if she has a pierced tongue? You could not quite see through. Every girl I have known with pierced tongue had very special pregnancy averting skills.

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