Homeowner bypassing the services of a Realtor


The owner of this home at northeast corner of College and Union in Roswell NM does NOT want a realtor “earning” 6% of his  $89,900 asking price. We drive by this corner lot about once a month and have seen this same sign four months in a row which means the owner is having a hard time selling his home located on noisy corner lot. It does not help that the streets are among the busiest and most congested thoroughfares in Alien City.

He is trying to sell a 4-5 bedroom house with two bathrooms and insists that he is not willing to do owner financing. I sure don’t blame him for that in this age of home mortgage loan defaults.

I am not sure what is meant by 4 or 5 bedrooms, but you can call him at 575-626-9641 if you would like to know. Also ask him if there are any problems with the roots of that huge tree you see planted way too close to the house. Without that behemoth plant, that house would be going for a price point closer to 120 K. I feel for the dude. Whoever planted that tree, should have done it closer to the road. Tree roots can screw up a foundation and the plumbing leading to costly repairs that many homeowners have to ignore hoping they can sell the house passing those costs on to the buyer.

Cutting the realtor out of the deal for this tough corner lot sell
Cutting the realtor out of the deal for this tough corner lot sell



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    1. Real estate broker Ami Sayer, Susie Hutchison,Tamara Williams, Arison Burns in the Bozeman Livingston Montana regions have sexy mouths.

      1. Christina Stock of Roswell NM names her RDR column Stock Broker trying to create interest by associating her name with well known financial occupation. She should consider renaming column given the unsavory reputation of many stock brokers. Her excellent writing over book hunting promotes literacy in town full of ignorant Hillary Clinton supporters.

      2. These realtors have no interest in Off the grid straw bale home builder joe Donovan. Joe’s life revolve around his zealous addiction to snow skiing. He is has had it with 30 year mortgages and utility bills.

        So he is going for a compost toilet, solar panel generated electricity, and well supplied cistern. He found a 21K lot on EBay for his log framed stucco exterior ultra isolated domicile minus a loving female companion

        1. Don’t confuse this guy with the ADHT pugilist who killed MIT student Yngve Raustein with a single well placed punch. Not sure if this was an anti Semitic motivated murder. The Bozeman Joe Donovan is to be admired for his independence and self reliance

      3. Viive Truu, a real estate agent with Thornhill Real Estate Group in British Columbia, thought con man Stratos had a sexy mouth before she was into him for $10,000,000 and he dumped her heading to Boston to rip off people like Eddie Murphy’s ex wife. Employee Shari Farley said he was verbally abusive. PI Bill Branscum partially exposed the scumbag. I Met Troy website buried the financial predator.

    2. Did you watch that episode of outdaughtered about that couple with 6 kids including quintuplets? They were trying to sell their house through realtor jenny vaughn. The mother pressured guy to move into bigger house he could not afford based on the oil and gas job he had in Houston,TX. Then, off the cuff, wife decides she wants to move back to Lake Charles where relatives could help with enormous responsibility of feeding 6 mouths. Mom’s(Danielle’s) dad pressured the father to drive back and forth between Houston and Lake Charles, La in return for grandparents support in taking care of the 6 kids. I give that Busby marriage no more than a year.

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