Humongous Concrete Beams


This single giant concrete beam being wheeled down interstate 20 highway outside of Abilene,TX USA required a single 18 wheeler truck to support its massive weight. Was not able to discern what its function was. Maybe a bridge or skyscraper was its final destination. The beams importance is evidenced by the cost of the diesel fuel required for its transport alone.

However its colossal size does not compare to the cement structure described by Canadian Cindy Price of the Parkway Infrastructure Constructors group. She wrote about enormous concrete beams longer than a basketball court, two school buses, or even a blue whale!

These huge structures are also known as precast girders(NU girders), each measuring about 27 meters  or circa 90 feet in length. They were used in bridge construction on the Windsor-Essex Parkway.


Massive cement beam


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