Illegal Usage of PIKEPASS ONLY Lane in Oklahoma


On our 1600 mile return trip from Detroit Michigan we apparently went through one of those tollway tag only lanes similar to the EZ Tag in Houston. We sure do not remember committing this violation, but our car was photographed and we received a courtesy notification not to do it again and were NOT assessed a fine or penalty. We were photographed at the creek east mainline plaza in Oklahoma. We also never heard an alarm.

The notification that we received in the mail opened with Dear valued customer, Thank you for using the Oklahoma Turnpike System. We naturally were not too worried at what appeared to be more of solicitation for us to purchase a PIKEPASS than a warning for an infraction committed.

I would like to know if anybody has received a similar communication from the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority. We are almost 100% certain we never  drove through a PIKEPASS only lane. We always stopped and paid the tollbooth attendant. Please leave a comment if something similar happened to you. Thank You.

PikePass nonpayment automatically generated warning notice Oklahoma
PikePass nonpayment automatically generated warning notice Oklahoma

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  1. Can the EZ Tag be used as Pikepass and the other way around? The technical side of implementing interoperability has been worked out, but the legal/contractual/accounting part is still baking. The technical piece of making the tags and tag readers compatible is close to being finished.

  2. yes, something similar to this happened to us.

    On this same turnpike at the Creek East Mainline Plaza on July 22, 2013.

    We went through the cash only line and did observe the person before us had the green light but the alarms went off anyway.

    There was an OTA employee working on the wiring on the side of ( or near it) the coin machine at the same time we used it.

    We had a green light, yet the alarms still sounded as we went through, even though we paid the correct coins.

    The pikepass system says we did not go through the cash lane, but falsely says we went through the pikepass only lane.

    This is an obvious computer error.
    Now they want us to pay a violation fine of which we are not at fault.

    The real problem is a glitch in the system.
    So what to do is to continue to have this investigated until someone realizes that the system needs fixed.

    1. You writing back is a step in the right direction. Did you initiate an investigation with the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority? I am guessing they are aware of glitch involving erroneous photographs of vehicles not breaking any law. Fixing it is another thing.

  3. yes, we’ve written them back twice and sent them a check for the fine with then added a note on the check stating that this was a misappropriated, wrongful and unfair fine.

    We request that they refund our money for their dishonesty and we reported them to the Better Business Bureau and working on reporting them to other agencies.

    For all we know the OTA set that worker up to gain more violations dishonestly, of course we don’t know for sure but it is very weird. Also it appears that OTA does not care.

    From this point forward we are going to photograph all our coin transactions and keep all receipts if possible with OTA. If tis ever happens again, we’ll take it to the news and expose this corruption.

    OTA claims their computers never make a mistake, so they told me. However it appears they have a very corrupt track record and class action lawsuits against them.

    So what to do is stand our ground and do everything we can legally to make this what it should be.

    1. If you believe the OTA had their technicians intentionally tamper with machines in order to fraudulently increase revenue, then other motorists have probably observed the same illicit actions.

      Hopefully others will comment here improving our chances for a class action lawsuit against OTA. Thank you for making BBB aware of this possible state initiated breech of justice.

  4. On Aug 18 we had the exact same thing happen at the exact same plaza. We received the courtesy notif just like yours. And just like you, we are certain we didn’t drive through a pikepass only lane. Glad it was only a courtesy letter. I tried to google the location to see if I recognized the area but wasn’t able to find it. We were doing a 2000+ mile trip to NY.

    1. Thanks for writing back confirming that OTA is likely quite aware of this annoying toll booth glitch and is just refusing to take appropriate action to correct the issue. Since I was not fined, I did not air a grievance with them.

  5. I set up a Pikepass account at the Oklahoma City visitors center last week. I properly affixed the transponder sticker right behind the windshield as per the instructions. The customer service representative told me to expect the lane confirmation signals to initially show a violation light (the little yellow one on top) as my account was so new, but not to worry the account would register.

    Three trips through the Indian Nation Turnpike toll plazas earned three yellow lights, but there haven’t been any records of license plate tolls or transponder reads on my account according to the records on the Pikepass web site. I figured they would make a match from my vehicle front or rear license plate to my account, but alas, it hasn’t. No violation notices have (yet) arrived. Puzzled.

  6. A friend who is a police investigator told us about how this perp who was running from the law was tracked, located, and caught based on his pikepass records and activity on one of the turnpikes. Can you believe that this guy got some ACLU lawyer to defend him for reduced sentenced based on invasion of privacy?? Did not make it to media or newspapers as far as I know. Guy was still convicted of felony for some kind if corporate fraud!

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