Inconvenient Convenience Store in Ruidoso,NM


Stopping off at convenience store just to use the potty in the USA is typically not allowed. One is often required to make purchase for the right to poop in a poorly maintained and dirty restroom. Many stores, malls, and roadside travel centers in Europe charge a small fee if you want to take a crap in their commodes.

This Circle K convenience store, you see in the picture located east of Ruidoso,NM on highway 70, lost business to a three car caravan on the way to Ski Apache on a Saturday afternoon. We went in to pee and poop first only to be met by a ribboned off entrance to the poorly marked bathroom. We turned and gazed towards the attendant who was not rude, but just kind of shrugged her shoulders. I don’t blame her. She makes less than welfare recipients and would be out the door in a flash at this establish ¬†with permanent “now hiring” signs taped to front doors.

This convenience store, which appears to be more interested in selling big bottles of Jack Daniel’s for $17.99 along with lottery tickets, lost whatever money they would have made filling up three SUV’s full of skiers with gasoline and the various purchases made at their establishment.

I don’t know, maybe if Americans had to pay every time they had to piss or do a number 2, then there would be cleaner restrooms, but in a society that does not carry around much change or cash, I don’t see that happening.

Circle K convenience store east of Ruidoso on east highway 70 with no available restrooms
Circle K convenience store east of Ruidoso on east highway 70 with no available restrooms

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  1. Wow, hard to believe I stumbled upon this! I have Crohn’s disease and stopped at same place the day before. I soiled my underwear in the Circle K and then finished the job in the parking lot near where that Cowboy in the black hat was entering the store. I was worried shitless(literally) that I would be reported for indecent exposure or public indecency. I think police officers understand that when you have to go you have to go!

  2. We stopped at same circle K near Ruidoso downs. The clerk said bathroom closed because of plumbing issues. Their gas pumps forced you to come into store. Will never stop there again!!

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