International Balloon Fiesta; Take Notice


Hot air balloon pilots from England,Vermont,Pennsylvania,Missouri,Colorado and Arizona assembled at the old municipal airport near Cielo Grande park in Roswell New Mexico.

The mass ascension, to borrow a phrase from the famous Albuquerque event, witnessed over 50 hot air balloons rise into the BIG sky Roswell has become world renowned for. Karen Brown has been to all 30 and her beloved deceased husband operated a balloon in the function that bonds families, elevates tourism revenues, and pleasantly wakes up folks on Saturday morning with comforting whale like bellows.


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  1. Roswell businessman Bryan Konichek. Konichek criticized the parks and recreation committee for selecting Cielo Grande as the launch site for the psychedelic high flying balloons while NOT suggesting an alternate site.

    The Access Point Delivery Systems Inc. entrepreneur runs a 365/24/7 hot shot service delivering wide, heavy loads. I believe the Oklahoma Sooner delivers sucker rods, submersible ball valve pumps, and other oilfield drilling equipment. Maybe even those huge rotor turbine blades on those giant electricity generating windmills.

    Konichek Is probably pissed off that his advertising dollars are being spent on what he perceives as a low end venue that will not properly promote his business. Nobody notices all that commercialism anyway Bryan. They are there to watch colorful balloons with their kids. Even fewer read letters to the editor.

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