Is it a Free Prayer or NOT?


One of the booths set up on Main Street during the Roswell, NM UFO Festival asked tourists to partake of a free prayer in their behalf. It was run by Rivers  of Life Outreach located on East Bland Street.

Upon closer inspection of the picture below, you will notice a black lettered Donation box to the right of the red lettered free prayer sign. One has to wonder if those passing the booth, in need of heavenly intercession, will just keep walking due to the pressure of the big donation box at  this free prayer service.

In around a 15 minute period on Thursday June 29, we did not notice a single individual or group requesting a prayer at this place situated in the middle of a closed Main Street in front of the Bows & Britches Botique Consignment business.

I guess selling religion is getting tougher and tougher these days even in conservative, religious right Alien City.


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