Just Gossip, I mean Just Cuts Roswell NM


Not sure how Just Cuts located near Union and Hobbs stays in business. Maybe because there are Postal services there. We have not received a good hair cut there our last two times and will never go back after having to tolerate gossip and small talk between a married 48 year old hair cutter and two different male patrons.

She volunteered to her first customer that she did not go by her husband’s last name. Wonder how her husband would feel about that. ¬†All the customers could hear her rambling unprofessionally about personal matters. To make it even more unbearable, the 51 year old man whose hair she was cutting was worse than her! She asked the loose lipped dude about his exwife or live in and he said he had to leave her because of her meth dependency.

Roswell is a relatively small town with very few secrets and many couples are on their second or third marriage. The garrulous beautician should realize everybody in establishment is stuck listening to her and to focus on high quality hair sculpting not mindless chit chat.

Be ready to get your ear bent if you go to this barber shop
Be ready to get your ear bent if you go to this barber shop

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  1. Look dude Roswell is lot like any other small town. Gossip is part of the deal. Most of it is harmless and helps people blow off steam and relieve stress. I think you are a tad too sensitive to gossip. Do you have something to hide?

    You probably have a driveway gate to help avoid nosy neighbors who are really just checking up on you to see how you are doing. Lighten up friend. Live life. You probably work for Manta.

    Looky-loos are part of living in a neighborhood. We see them all the time walking into under construction homes when technically it is probably trespassing. This whole thing appears to be more about your paranoia or over sensitivity than what was happening at barber. We have people driving up and down our street slowly looking at the homes. You probably would think they are casing the area for a burglary or break-in.

    At least real estate agents have a reason to detest Looky-loos. They know they will never get their 6% commission off of them.

    1. Speaking of stress existing in everyday life, tammie June Carrico of Roswell nm was arrested for screaming as she walked down West Linda Vista Blvd. nervous breakdowns are common with marital discord, drug use and low paying jobs being so widespread. Bless your soul Tammie.

      Another police blotter report had two women threatening each other with knives as part of a love triangle

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