JW conversion booth at a Farmer’s Market in south eastern NM


The Roswell NM Farmers Market switched their venue from courthouse lawn to parking lot north of and adjacent to the little used Debremond Football Stadium. Patrons on this Saturday morning were much more interested in purchasing burritos, squash and watermelons than the comfort, joy, and happiness promised by the three Jehovah’s Witnesses who had a booth at the Farmer’s Market replete with all the proselytizing pamphlets they distribute to residents who unwittingly open their doors when they come knocking.

One of the the dapper JW reps was on his smart phone, probably surfing porn, biding his time due to the aforementioned lack of interest by patrons in Joseph Smiths’ version of transcendence. I did find out that Watchtower Kingdom Halls do not pay their clergy or ask for tithing’s (do not pass out collection plate). The annoying guys with super white teeth on bicycles who wake you up on Saturday morning are purely volunteer. So they paid for a booth at this Farmer’s Market apparently with the genuine intentions of saving your soul and perhaps hoping you might become an anonymous donor.

Finally, there is surprising amount of conflict and division in Alien City about JW doctrine. Multiple letters to the editor attack and defend JW tenets.

Jehovah witness stand at Farmers market Roswell NM


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