Litterbug Alert UFO Capital


Evidence of lazy, uncaring litterbugs is all around us as we discovered on this day after Christmas with many restless folks walking off being cooped up with inlaws for a full day.  The old airport in Roswell New Mexico that now is a spacious park accomodating soccer tournaments and the Hike It Spike it amateur flag football event gave us this picture of somebody who was too indolent to walk to a trash receptacle a few feet to the left of the tree in the picture. So the owner of the Green Honda Accord just decided to set his plastic, non-biodegradable, cup of tea down next to the driver’s side door and let it blow away into somebody’s front yard or the little league baseball field across college avenue.

We know as residents of Ruidoso that Roswell is full of desparate poor people, many of which have criminal records and multiple DWI arrests. Whoever left this litter may not be among the this group who has no future and ignores the law, but the action of leaving garbage for others pick up for you says a great deal about a big void in the character department.



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