Mannequins and Eroticism


In the old days female mannequins were anything but sexually arousing. These days it is a challenge to not get aroused in the women’s clothing section of any department store. I don’t think the price tag above the female manneqin’s perfect caboose would spoil the fantasy of one of our nation’s incarcerated. Prisoners typically require much less than a mannequin butt to achieve a self stimulated climax so this picture would be quite a treat. Those that are not locked up prefer something in the flesh like young female volleyball players  donning spandex which are in short supply in prison or this picture of college girl volleyball player with a large very well shaped rump who has to know she is driving the guys crazy! Who would even know the score of the game in which she was competing?

The row of mannequins you see are in one of the outlet shoppes near El Paso,TX. There is no doubt that the sex appeal of these inanimate objects sells more women’s clothing. A little bit of finger polish and perfume might be a nice touch. OK, maybe perfume on a mannequin would be a little over the top.

Tight artificial female tush in outlet mall shoppe
Yearning for the days when mannequins were more sexually benign!

This article is devoted to all the parents out there with 16 year old boys who spend too much time in the women’s clothing sections of department stores.


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