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While driving through Hereford, TX near Hereford Hardware, we noticed a very intriguing sign advertising a manure contractor. Omitting many tasteless jokes, what follows is justification of managing cow crap for a living.

Everybody in northeastern New Mexico and the Texas panhandle knows about the beef capital of the world, Hereford, Texas. What many may NOT know is that a living is to be made managing/hauling manure for farmers/ranchers or anybody who has livestock. Garcia Manure Contractors in Hereford,TX is a third party manure management entity that provides a valuable service to this particular region in New Mexico and Texas. What follows is a justification as to why manure management is a viable option for many livestock enterprises.

Depending on  many varying factors including the farm’s size, number of acres, and
the field distance from the manure storage unit, the time
and labor involved in spreading manure can be
substantial. Hiring a professional operator allows better
utilization of the farm labor force. Using the farm labor
on production related jobs such as heat detection,
transition cow management, or calf care has the
potential to generate more farm income than losing time spreading
State regulations are increasing in number and becoming more
difficult to interpret. Hiring an operator certified in manure
application can reduce errors in nutrient application
rates and procedures. Certified haulers are updated on
the specifics of nutrient management plans based on
nitrogen or phosphorus application, planned spreading
periods, and the exportation of manure.
Hiring a certified professional hauler to handle manure can
reduce producer liability associated with accidents.
Haulers normally have contingency plans for
manure spills and carry their own insurance. When
hiring a manure contractor, the producer should verify
to be sure they are at ease with the applicator’s insurance
Contract haulers often have equipment that is more ideally
suited for fast loading and unloading of manure. Their
sole function is the proper handling of manure, allowing them to
complete the task more efficiently compared to the
producer. When a custom hauler is hired, the producer
has no investment or maintenance of expensive
Contract manure application can also lead to
greater crop production. Flotation tires are
available to minimize soil compaction in the field.
Professional applicators are also more likely to apply
manure more uniformly on the field and at the rate recommended for efficient nutrient use and maximum crop

Uniform application based on anticipated rates can
optimize nutrient availability for the crops.

Those who purchase Manure
Those who purchase Manure

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