Memories Youth Conservation Corps


Four kids working at Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge in the year 2010 wanted to be remembered for their cement work near a migrating bird observation deck.

Tyler and Grant Speer, Anne Clark, Jesse M. Trujillo, Rayanna Saenz ably supervised by Rick Ozbun were understandably proud of their contributions to the beautification of a Roswell treasure which is destination spot of the famous Sandhill cranes which head to Refuge from Canada and North Pole area. The refuge is a haven for many other beautiful wading and shoreline birds such as the snowy plovers, killdeer, and avocets who  raise their chicks here. Also a domicile to great egrets, great blue herons, snowy egrets.

$3.9 million was earmarked for Youth Conservation Corps Projects that had to be completed in six months or less. Corps members were between the ages of 14 and 25 and involved in projects in New Mexico that:

Preserve, maintain and enhance natural resources by protecting air, fish, forest land, water and wildlife;
Rehabilitate and improve cultural, historical and agricultural resources by helping to maintain and improve botanical gardens, historic sites, libraries, museums, parks, parkways, refuges, trails, zoos and other recreational and natural areas.

YCC workers initialing name in cement
YCC workers initialing name in cement

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  1. Is this same program at which the late and well respected Bill Tarter taught youth an environmental science class? Lee Marlett was the leader of the entire YCC camp as I recall.Emaline Dickman fed the kids. Joe McKinnon also helped out in some way. The Dexter National Fish Hatchery was affiliated in some way. George French helped to coordinate trail building efforts by the kids.The construction of the observation platform was a crowning achievement which improved the appearance and function to travelers and natives alike!

    Tangentially, please view the birding efforts of Linda Rockwell who used to reside in Alien City. She is a skilled photographer maintaining a blog where her love for birds and nature is manifest.

    1. Linda may take good pictures, but she is also an outstanding divorce lawyer. My ex husband tried to take my kids away from me and used the influence of prominent businessmen in Albuquerque to smear my reputation. I retained her at very fair and reasonable fee. She made my jerk ex look like a dummy and one of the businessmen got fired. I don’t think she has lost a trial and will not represent you unless she is convinced she will win case for you.

      1. I knew of a MELISSA Atteberry(not the attorney in Chico, California) in the spring humble area of Houston, TX. I think her mother, named Koch was a principal at Carl Wunsche Sr. High School , had to take care of her when she was trying to raise two little daughters from two different fathers. She was working at a bar and going to school. She had hard time and was addicted to cigarettes and sex. Her name may have been Malissa. She had many internal conflicts and may have been bipolar based on my observations of her at my sisters party where every guy that hit on her walked away going WTF what is with this nut case?

  2. Thanks to Roswell city clerk Sharon Coll for not reporting what amounts to a personality clash between zoo superintendent Elaine Mayfield and some boss. Coll rightly rejected request of RDR for contents of Mayfields personnel file. Thanks to city attorney Aaron Holloman for finding ample precedent for a fair decision denying prying minds from personal info not classified as public information.

    1. We hope mayor Kintigh will step to the plate and be a leader by accepting PETA money in return for releasing the poor bears who are insane because of lack of space in those inhumane cramped concrete pits at Roswell zoo. I sure hope city attorney Aaron Holloman is not holding out for more money!

      1. Caerlion Arthur, Samantha Wagoner, Daniel Cederberg don’t appear to care about the cruel conditions the two female bears are enduring at zoo! All they can do is criticize PETA. Jeez Louise!

        1. Carol Robertson, a hopeless Christian, from Lincoln NM verbally attacked a Roswell man for accusing her of favoring abortion. She did not mention the gentlemen’s name in her letter to editor. JUDGE NOT!

      2. It is too bad Sofia Mobili, media liaison for Washington DC PETA, has to scan the internet to refute the drivel written by the likes of Roswell NM resident Russell A. Scott.

        Scott wrote prevarications in his letter to editor regarding a circus settlement. Ask RDR columnist Curtis Michaels about the reliability and accuracy of Scott’s research.

        Suing the old man for libel would shut him up.

  3. Much gratitude and appreciation to Steve Alvarez and Jim Masters for sustaining friends of bitter lake in Roswell NM! Their efforts towards running dragonfly festival given very limited resources is very heroic!!!

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