Misuses of a Public Library


In the heat of the summer, many flock to public libraries for some free air-conditioning and Wi-Fi. Our work takes us all over southeastern New Mexico and I can’t remember if it was the Ruidoso, Hobbs, Roswell, Carlsbad, or Las Cruces library where we saw the gentlemen, you see in the picture below, charging his electric drill.

Maybe he was an itinerant handyman or carpenter. We walked up to the only unoccupied table upon which his charging drill was placed. He appeared to be lucid enough to notice we had nowhere else to be seated, but did nothing.  We pushed his drill to the side and begin our research.  This did not offend him as it should not have.

He should not have been using tax payer funded electrical outlet to charge his drill if he was not a tax payer. Also inconveniencing library patrons to ask him to remove his drill is not acceptable decorum in the book lover’s edifice.

BTW, I think it was the Roswell library where a former High School English teacher was arrested for indecent exposure.

Vagrant Charging an electric drill in public library

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  1. The gentleman you said was charging his drill at Roswell Library is a frequent beggar at Walgreen’s South. He sometimes holds up traffic and I have seen cops drive right by him and look directly at him and just keep driving. He has multiple creative signs designed to get motorist’s attention. I heard Pot legalization dude Craig Abalos helped this “homeless guy” do his signs.

    The homeless problem is significant here. The library staff should not allow vagrants in the publicly funded establishment for tax paying book lovers or children of tax payers.

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