Motels who Advertise WiFi that does NOT Work


On our way to Glenwood Springs, Colorado we stayed at Knights Inn in Las Vegas,NM. We were looking for a cheap place to bed down before the much longer leg of the trip the following morning. We found this motel in north-eastern (Las Vegas) New Mexico via and locked in at a price of $50. You do not expect too much for only 50 dollars. Knights Inn, run by an Indian woman and located in a cluster of motels including the Sunshine Motel and Town House Motel, was clean and safe. The only two complaints we had were the WiFi did not work and the television had a very snowy and fuzzy picture.

For only 50 dollars, I can tolerate a crappy motel TV, but when an establishment advertises WiFi(which is almost standard these days) then it better work or they should credit your account for service not rendered. Related is our stay at Wayside Inn in Breckenridge Colorado where the WiFi did not work and the lady in the cowboy hat at the front desk became indignant when I requested a credit. She appeared to be more interested in surfing the internet than waiting on customers who had paid $90 a night for a room. We booked the Wayside Inn via PriceLine and registered an online complaint with them. Wayside Inn rooms have NO telephones, refrigerators , coffee makers, or microwaves. They spend all their money on a very nice flat screen Sony TV in each room. Also Wayside Inn does nothing to quiet down loud mouth guests.

Sorry for the digression……the other picture you see is the front desk of the Knights Inn Motel. The sign says “Back in 10 minutes please dial “0” for assistance”. The reality here is that the Indian woman was never there unless patrons dialed “0” for assistance. She got there quickly when you dialed. All this, of course, clashes with the posted mission statement of Knights Inn ¬†genuinely caring for their customers.

BTW, what is that brown statue looking object with yellow hair and yellow eyelashes? Maybe some kind of Republic of India good luck charm? I know that you get what you pay for and Knights Inn is no exception. We would probably stay there again if the owners would keep the WiFi up and running. What the owners do not realize is that when they put the burden on their customers to say something about the malfunctioning WiFi, that many like myself will say nothing and never come back or write a post like this! Remember hotel proprietors if you advertise something, either make it work or credit your guests for service you did not provide.

Knights Inn Las Vegas New Mexico
Away from desk for 10 minutes Motel Notice



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  1. The super 8 motel at 3358 Cerrillos Rd, Santa Fe has very shabby service. Their showers do not work and you can not get much sleep due to noisy guests. Also five or six people were camped out at front desk using the Internet. They fine you 100 dollars for smoking in non-smoking room which is a good thing.

    1. Sherry Mischel, Bud Singh, and Maxine Bush of super 8 did not reply to our phone calls complaining about showers that did not work at cerillos location in Santa Fe, New Mexico. You would think that the president, general manager, manager , or owner of super 8 might care enough to return call or compensate customers for substandard accommodations and service. Did I mention the place smelled very old and musty. The wifi worked fine.

      1. Maxine Bush owns many Super 8 motels. The showers not working have happened to us too. We called the front desk and they did not help us. We could only get extremely hot or cold water. The shower water mixing valve was not working. They moved us to another room to take a shower. Guess what? The shower water mixing valve was not working in that room either. I used to install and repair thermostatic mixing valves(TMV) for a living. It’s easy and inexpensive. Maxine Is shirking her responsibility as a business owner by not keeping fixtures properly maintained. I should have fixed the TMV myself, but we were in a rush and I am sure we would have not been paid.

        I guess Maxine is trying to save money by skimping on the repair bills, But word travels fast about hotels that try to cut cost at the customers inconvenience. We do not stay at super 8 anymore.

        BTW, We asked for a $10 credit for the hassle of not being able to take a shower that morning. We did not get it and super 8 Will never get a single penny of our business in the future.

  2. Also lodged at American best value inn(changing their name to Hanging Lake Inn) in Glenwood Springs, CO. The room rate was 60 dollars and And the friendly attendant gave us free towels for the Hot Springs! That alone was a savings of $10 since the very therapeutic hot springs charges $2.50 per towel. She said that the guests tend to steal the towels for hot springs usage.

    The wifi at hanging lakes inn was free, but very slow when motel was at full capacity on the weekends. A Burger King and mall are just down the service road on north side of I70.

    Also stay in the second floor rooms numbered in the 200s for more privacy and a better view! The only real minus to the rooms at the hanging lake inn is they were not equipped with refrigerators.

    Overall review for this clean, well maintained, amd ideally located motel is A minus or 9 out of 10

  3. Speaking of false advertising, Capsule Hotel 9 hours at Narita International Airport in Tokyo,Japan advertises 39 USD in terminal, but by the time you have dragged your bags to their sleazy establishment, the cost is 56 bucks! They prey on travelers who are stuck with a long layover. Our layover was 17 hours before our flight left for Dallas,TX USA. We slept in terminal 2 near a lot of security cameras and were ecstatic about not giving a gyp joint like Capsule Hotel a penny of our money!

  4. We made reservation at Fairfield Inn and Suites in Lubbock TX via We arrived well past the check in time only to be greeted by an elderly couple who were unable to check into their room due to housekeeping hold up. The friendly and intelligent attendant was doing his best on a day when two of the Hotel staff had not showed up to work at 4007 south loop 289.

    This hotel operates under TMI Hospitality as a franchise of Marriott International. We were told there was not a manager we could contact for having to wait an excessively long time to be checked into our room. Since we had already pre booked reservation through, no credit could be issued for the inconvenience imposed upon five checkin parties that day.

    Also, we were awakened in our first floor room by loud thumping footsteps from above possibly the stairwell. Out of control kids were running down the hall which is not the fault of hotel staff, but irresponsible parents or guardians. The rooms were clean with a pleasant odor.

    We have also had problems with rooms booked through which were below standards where getting a credit was impossible or too much of a hassle.

    1. Comfort Suites 3348 Cerrillos Rd
      Santa Fe

      Was missing their front desk attendant around 11 am February 19th 2017. Three separate customers walked in searched for attendant and then departed premises.

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