Motorcycle Caravan packed into Residential Driveway


After picking up a few household items for exceptionally low prices at an estate sale address 800 East Swinging Spear, we happened upon an assembly of bikers at a residence on Mission Arch.

The picture you see betrays the size of the Harley loving middle aged men group. Also the big white pickup truck conceals the large number of motorcycles crammed into the homeowner’s driveway.

The bikers were not behaving in a threatening fashion as one might expect, but motorists passing by did sometimes noticeably pause. Probably because of the enormity of the leather donning group which likely exceeded 25 in number. Quite a few people to be crowded into a two Car driveway. Wonder what the neighbors thought?


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  1. Roswell Eagles motorcycle club donated well over 5 K to Down Syndrome Charity. Tammie Mason, Bethany Johnston, Robert Stacey, Mary Ann Kay. SENM, Aerire.

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