No Restroom for Patrons Or just No Bathroom


This multi ethnic Asian food store located on south Louisiana Boulevard in Albuquerque does not want its patrons to know it has a bathroom for their use. The red sign you see in the photograph below states SORRY, NO PUBLIC RESTROOM!

I guess Talin Market World Food Fare has had to deal with sexual encounters in their patron bathroom OR just would prefer their loyal customers get in an out of the store before they have to poop or pee.  Talin also orders all shopper to check in check in backpacks, suitcases, and all large bags at customer service desk. They also, understandably insist that no pets are allowed inside.

Every time we have been there, there has been a private security vehicle parked outside with a young security guard patrolling the interior of this Asian Store which sells reasonably priced fresh fish. A while back a fender bender accident in their parking lot was peacefully resolved even though the guy that got hit was initially enraged.


Asian food store no bathroom


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  1. They are a little rigid with their security policies AND do NOT want their customers to know they have a bathroom for their customers. You have to ask somebody and they will grudgingly give you the restrooms location. smh at some of these reviews… “their shelves aren’t always full”… “they won’t let me take pictures so I am down rating them…” Really?!.. Wait, no,.. I mean… REALLY?!! These two reviews I quoted sound like young entitled brats. This is a really good store with a lot of International food variety. Shelved foods and spices, frozen foods, and all of those hard to find items. They are very well stocked and you won’t find anything better. Period. I could care less if they confiscated my phone at the door. I’m not there to text, call or “take pictures”, thank you very much! Las Cruces has nothing to compare to Talins. I will continue to shop there whether they make me leave my smart phone at customer service desk or not. The security guards aren’t that strict really. I got felt up almost to orgasm not that far from fresh fish section. Security guard walked on by like he enjoyed the show!

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