Non Negotiating Owner of an Acura near White Sands, NM USA


Noticed this Acura for sale in a vacant lot near the Subway Sandwich Shop in Tularosa, NM. Many of the towns in NM are referred to as villages. So a Tularosa villager used shoe polish to declare he would not take less than $4000 for a Black Acura.

As you can see in the picture with a Church of Christ in the background, FIRM is just under the price on the front window of the peddled vehicle. There appears to be an information page on the dash near the steering wheel.

I wonder if the seller of the  luxury vehicle manufactured by Japanese automaker Honda procured a permit from the village of Tularosa, NM USA? I guess I see why he is so FIRM about it all. You can reach the dude at phone 575-430-9055. Has to be a dude selling this car, cuz no chick who I know would be so forceful.


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