Now that’s a Carrot


At the grocery store recently, it occurred to me that many young folks have no idea a carrot is the overgrown root of a green plant.  In fact the parent of the kid at Farmers Market almost seemed unaware that a carrot is just an orange root when the young toddler asked if carrots grow on trees.

You can see in the picture below that the freshly picked carrots on top of  the newspaper actually are much smaller than the leafy green stems that grew them. One of the carrots is sort of bent because the garden box we planted it in was not deep enough with MiracleGro garden soil to allow carrots to grow to full depth.

BTW, we did not need a john deere 7530 carrot harvester to harvest these crunchy looking orange vegetables. Very little effort was required to pick them and then wash them from our backyard garden box.

Sometimes I wish I had been raised on a farm as there is something very uplifting about growing and cooking your own NonProcessed food!



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