Parade Happenings in South Eastern New Mexico


This Ed Buhr Trucking Company operator got stuck in a traffic clogging parade in Roswell NM Monday October 2 2017. The La Jara CO transport business should have routed their driver around the congestion via the loop around alien city called the relief route!

Ed buhr trucking La Jara CO traffic jam

Mayoral candidates Dennis Kintigh and Del Jurney were centerpieces of the Main Street US 285 closing event with former Mayor Jurney shaking all hands and kissing all babies in sight. Based on his amiable demeanor and almost fanatical reception by parade goers, this out of town observer predicts a landslide victory for Mr Jurney!

Also Senate Majority Whip Michael Padilla was a strong presence, adding a personal touch by toting his sign down main street near NMMI and hinting he would make an appearance at the State Fair.  I am not impressed with his emphasis on glorifying poverty-related issues. The dude has actually promoted a legislative session bill banning “lunch shaming” for students whose parents don’t pay their cafeteria bills!

Roswell is so poor that Michael’s initiative may actually get him some votes, BUT there are NO free lunches Mr Padilla. You are sending the message that it is OK to shirk one’s financial responsibility. No wonder young people grow up expecting the government to take care of them.



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  1. Two hungry families walk into a restaurant and place their orders. After finishing their meals, one of the families credit cards is rejected and they can’t pay for their meal. Should restaurant owner allow them to walk out door or call the police?

    New Mexican Jennifer Ramo would favor letting broke family walk out the door without paying their bill because otherwise it would traumatize the poor starving kids. Jennifer is the reason Socialist Hillary Clinton got our electoral votes.

    Jennifer Ramo runs New Mexico Appleseed, a group that deals with poverty by having taxpayers pay for the food of kids whose parents are too lazy to work.

    Oregon educator Gibson Howton gives her poor students free food out of her own pocket. I thank her for magnanimously paying for it rather than expecting the tax dollars of hard working citizens to cover the cost of feeding people whose parents copulate and won’t provide for their progeny!!

    Wiping down cafeteria tables is NOT lunch shaming. It is called working for your food!!
    Independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin supports this. Why do you think Evan got less than one percent of vote here? Thank God for Trump!

  2. Why should Anthony Delay of Alien City Dragway have to apologize to attendees of Electric Light Parade? Their finish line float was COOL! Probably the same parent complained that sent in picture of poor kids lunch on social media. This town is full of self entitled poor people!!!

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