Pedestrians protected from right turn traffic


We drove through the famous football town Ann Arbor, MI for the first time on the way back from the Great Lakes area. We noticed with interest a traffic sign that we have never seen before at an intersection near Caribou Coffee.

I don’t recall seeing a sign in the Southern USA indicating that right-turn traffic at a traffic light must yield to pedestrians. The yield to any pedestrian law should be examined more closely as many pedestrians are not particularly responsible about the way they cross at busy intersections.  I have seen cars rear-ended because a pedestrian was taking his sweet time crossing during rush hour.

Meghan Fehlig Mitman wrote an informative piece about right of way at marked and unmarked crosswalks and divulged that an alarming number of motorists  do not really know whether the driver or the walker has the right of way!

The sign near the intersection in Ann Arbor removes all ambiguity ordering vehicle operators to allow earthbound humans to cross without the fear of being run over. It should also be a law that pedestrians hurry across at busy intersection. I saw a pedestrian stop in the middle of the road to take a phone call. This should result in some type of citation or fine.



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