Pinned Policeman guns down Perpetrator


That appears to be Norbert Utz running from the entrance of his Eldorado home near Santa Fe, NM. Police had just fired upon and killed a man who tried to flee in the officer’s car!

Mr Utz seems to be running towards the KOAT film crew energetically waving his arm. He probably was deeply concerned about the fatal gunshots fired on or very near to his house’s lot.

The policemen shot and killed the car thief while pinned between his squad car and a tree on the terrified remote homeowner’s property.

KOAT TV reporter Doug Fernandez continues to preserve his good looks despite his many years on the job!



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  1. Norbert is a very sensitive and intelligent person as many assembly language programmers are.
    Many cerebral Banner Programmers require absolutely no distractions which include crooks getting blown away on front lawn!

    I mean how many computer systems analysts have you met that do not lean towards hypersensitivity? Seriously!

  2. Ed Arida, Kuyahoga Christian academy science teacher, advocates buying a manual stick shift transmission vehicle to avoid having your vehicle ripped off. Most thieves can’t drive a stick shift car!

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