Prevent Child Abuse License Plate in SE New Mexico


We were behind this Nissan Maxima at a Dominos drive through in Northern Roswell, New Mexico and could not fail to notice the distinctive personalized license plate number KID 6202.

Incripted on the plate in beautiful, flowing, cursive writing was Children’s Trust Fund, along with the dual phrases  Never Abuse and Never Neglect. I couldn’t help but ponder if this type of compassion should also apply to murdering school shooters in their early teens.

Kudos to CYFD for their PreK program and meticulous attention to Juvenile Justice Services.

Roswell NM License plate children’s trust fund



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  1. God save the world if the child abuse prediction model mentioned in Wired magazine gets widely adopted.

    All we need is more out of touch academics like Virginia Eubanks who is an Associate Professor of Political Science at the University at Albany, SUNY. She is one of the founding members of the Our Data Bodies project, and a well respected fellow at New America.

    Dr Eubanks, who probably has no kids of her own, believes children should be removed from the custody of their parents if the Results of a new fangled Risk/Severity Continuum test say so!

    When our kid starts cryin for no reason, we let him cry himself to sleep. Virginia would probably have child protective services steal him from us Agghhhh!!!

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