Professional Beggars in Roswell,NM


The Bearded Beggar you see ,with the God Bless sign, was standing at the corner of a road that leads into the Walmart and Sam’s Club parking lots in Roswell,NM. We come to town one a month to stockup. This pauper has been at this exact spot the last 4 or 5 times we have come to town.

Note the Badger Daylighting truck driving just behind the lazy bum who certainly appears to be able bodied enough to apply for a job at this hydrovac employer. Another dead giveaway as to the beggar’s indolence is the barely visible cane passing underneath his standard God Bless all the fools that help me sign.

On this Saturday, there were two other beggars strategically placed near RVs parked in Walmart lot and at the entrance to the Roswell Mall. We saw them talking to each other and switching places once as it seemed they were discussing strategy or what locations generated the most revenue. Do not feel the least bit sorry of these lowlifes who prey on the sympathies of a mostly conservative God Fearing town. They know exactly what they are doing down to feigning a facial expression that will elicit the most sympathy and ultimately the most handouts probably from men or women who feel guilty for cheating on their spouse.

Just like Badger HydroVac operators uses high pressure water and vacuum to expose pipe or utilities for replacement or repair, I hope parasitic beggars will be exposed and driven off the street by law enforcement.


Beggar near SAMs club and Walmart in Roswell New Mexico
Beggar near SAMs club and Walmart in Roswell New Mexico

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  1. We see that same “street person” with a cane fairly well dressed every time we go to Sam’s Club. He stands there striking a pose with a well manicured beard and probably takes home around$200 tax free dollars every Damn day! I have a seen him walk NOT a hint of a limp or any physical impairment calling into question the necessity of the cane he carries that you see in your picture.

    1. Has anybody else been hassled by the Sam’s club gas station attendant in Roswell NM? He walked up close to me while I was pumping gas and asked if Jesus Christ was in my heart. The time before he said he would pray for me. I don’t know what he is doing out there other than being an unwanted preacher or why Sam’s Club needs a paid employee for a completely self service gas station.

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