Questionable weapon law of Open Carry


The well written and tendentious effort of Alan M. Gottlieb and Dave Workman titled Assault on Weapons: The Campaign to Eliminate Your Guns popped into my mind as I waited in line at the Wendy’s in Ellensburg, Washington just off pot hole laden interstate 90.

The young man at the front of the line, with a handgun in a holster on his right hip, was practicing the controversial open carry gun law. I wanted to ask him why he had applied and received his permit or license to openly carry a lethal weapon, but doubted any of my awkward inquiries would be well received.

He was not donning an official looking uniform. His appearance was closer to disheveled and he may have been wearing a weapon based on threats made to his life. My concern as a patron of the healthiest fast food place in the United States, is that thugs could take his gun from him and hold up or assault customers with a weapon  that was intended to serve a defensive function. Theoretically open carry neutralizes and is the fair offset to concealed carry, but my concern certainly has practical validity.

I wonder if Alan M. Gottlieb contemplated this unintended consequence as he penned his magnum opus which gushed regarding John Q Public’s right to carry around weapons just like Cowboys did!! Maybe Gottlieb and his coauthor will take time to reply to my concern.

Look at the pistol on that boy's hip
Look at the pistol on that boy’s hip


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  1. Did you read about the confrontation between a cop and an open-carry citizen in Bridgeport Connecticut? The article was deftly written by Alex Gecan. Attorney Frank Riccio appears to side with gun owners with permits AND oppose unnecessary demands for documentation by bored police officers!

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