Rapidly Growing Subdivision in Roswell,NM


Longtime Roswell residents remember the parched, undeveloped land west of North Union across from the NMMI Golf Course as being nothing but an antelope grazing range with no real chance for home growth.

Real Estate broker Bill Davis, real estate agents Linda Kirk and Gen Outland, and the French Brothers out of Alamogordo thought much differently about this tract of land. The dated Zillow aerial view of what is now called the Sorrento Estates Subdivision is probably the fastest growing area in Roswell,NM. The subdivision is comprised of three roads named Sorrento Drive, Positano Loop, and Alicia Lane.

The nicest home is located on Positano Loop on the extreme West part of the map although Toby Gross of Krumland Construction living on Alicia Lane might disagree. The dated Zillow map only shows four homes, but as of this writing there are around 20 homes with another three under construction!┬áThe La Bella Vita subdivision is located just southeast and a dentist office complex(Maupin and Brown) “proudly financed by J P Stone Bank” is close to being completed. Paul Maupin, DDS must have secured a very low interest rate in return for the “free advertising” they gave J P Stone Bank via the sign posted at dental site construction.

The days of 3.5% 30 year fixed-mortgages are probably gone for good, but even at 4.5% you should consider purchasing a brand new home in this explosive growth region of the Alien City. The low-end homes start in the low 200 K range. All homes are energy efficient with tankless or on-demand hot water heaters that will keep your gas bill very inexpensive. Most of the homes have vinyl fences put up by Roper out of Clovis,NM. The homes built along Union Avenue are protected by a long stretch of vinyl fencing.

It is expensive and stressful getting into a new home. Qualifying for the mortgage, moving, readjusting to a new neighborhood, updating your new address, hoping that your neighbors are quiet and courteous, etc. All homes in this subdivision are single-family detached and also a great investment as well as a safe place to raise a family.

The area just south of Sorrento subdivision comprised of residences on Louisiana, Mississippi, and Montanta Avenues is a little run down, but does not appear to drive down the property values in Sorrento area. Also the La Bella Vita subdivision is made up of what many would describe as cookie-cutter homes, whereas there are a number of custom built homes in Sorrento subdivision. There are fair number of two story dwellings in Sorrento occupied by couples raising large families. Most of these homes are located on Sorrento Drive.


Sorrento subdivision, Roswell,NM
Sorrento subdivision, Roswell,NM

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  1. Sorrento Drive in Roswell has a Mexican family with a basketball goal in the street much like the problem in Fayetteville , N.C. They are loud and inconsiderate and inconvenience motorists driving through the subdivision. You can take the Mexican outa the hood, but you can not take the hood out of the Mexican. Where is HOA when you need them?

    Fayetteville city ordinance prohibits basketball goals on or near a street if it would mean someone going into the street during a game. Violators can be fined $100 a day.

  2. Roswell economy dealt another blow when Bradbury Stamm Construction of Albuquerque is awarded the contract to remodeling of the adult and juvenile detention centers on s Atkinson . I think french brothers used a lot of non roswell based contractors too!

  3. We moved into Sorrento Estates recently in Roswell and love it outside of the violations of covenants, conditions,and restrictions(C C and R)by many of the homeowners. There are two Mexican families who play basketball in the street blocking traffic. Also many park their cars in street at night which is against the rules. Not the fault of the French Brothers who built many of the homes, but there appears to be no effective way to enforce the c,c, and r. Maybe an HOA would help?
    Alex Pankey and Esme Bernal are helpful realtors if you want to know more about moving into this area.

    1. Did anybody else have trouble with sprinkler or drip systems put in by McNattscapes out of Alamogordo? We had a few of our shrubs and plants die because they did not put emitters where they belonged and system became clogged. We called them and they never called back.

      1. No problems with drip system, but the French Brothers do NOT clean up their construction trash and it ends up in the homeowner’s yards on Positano Loop and Alicia Lane. We called Corrine Bachman, who is also a realtor, in Alamogordo and complained, but she never did anything.

        1. Some of the people that live there just dump their trash over the fence! We were doing a fund raiser picking up aluminum cans in the alleys on Positano Loop and Sorrento Drive. When we passed this dumpster some trash came flying over the fence because whoever chunked it was too lazy to open their gate an throw it away like they shoulda!

          We picked up the trash and a bunch of receipts and crap fell out because the sack was slit. The name Marcella Curtis was on one of them where she had ordered some Adonia leg tone rush processing. It may not have been her that chunked it over the fence but it dang sure was somebody at the house she lived at.

          We also found some trash from Dennis somebody but dont if it just didn’t blow out from high winds.

          If you are gonna litter be ready for your mail to get read.

          1. Whoever lives at 9 Positano Loop is a loudmouth and plays his music too loud. Sister was babysitting nearby and went out and looked at guy hoping he would turn down his music and shut up as the noise resonated and echoed and reverberated through the subdivision.

            1. 1301 Sorrento Drive in the French Brother’s subdivision is another two story home full of loud Mexicans who blast their music all the time. We saw a guy across the alley from them on Alicia Lane politely walk over and request they turn down their Cinco de Mayo wannabe act. They just laughed and kept boozing it up. Something bout those mexican families…..they also let their kids run around unsupervised way too much.

              1. Whoever resides at 1312 Alica Lane has let their front yard turn into the eyesore of the neighborhood. Weeds all over the place. They let their weeds grow 3 or 4 feet tall against the fence of their neighbor at 1314 who had home built by TNT construction guy who lives next door I think. I saw the dude cut down huge weed and leave the ugly thing right on the sidewalk. Friggin thing stayed there forever!!

              2. Speaking of invasion of privacy, do you happen to know what it takes to get on “do not call lists”. Plenty of folks like DON DRAEGER, XARIN ESCOBEDO,MARK ANTENUCCI, BRYAN BROUILLETTE,HUGH E HANAGAN,ALAINA PARIS,DOMINICK E CHAMBERS and other upstanding Roswell citizens have figured out how to be put on “do not call lists”. Would really like to know how it is done and if there is a cost?
                Warmest regards, Billy Sanchez

              3. Did you see video of 67 year old man named dennis tissington who bashed in windshield of car of a guy he did not want in his neighborhood? The video makes Dennis look like the bad guy, but he and his family had endured stress and property damage making the damage he did look like small potatoes! People familiar with dispute, dealing with $30,000 worth of damage to a gas pipeline done by contractors who did NOT call city in Alburta, Canada before they dug, realize that Damian Dallyn incited the violence which does not make Dennis any more mature for destroying property with his Baton. A United Kingdom writer named Kara O’NEILL, writing for the Mirror, unfairly characterized Tissington as an angry old pensioner without being properly acquainted with the facts. What do you expect from a limey who gets paid to sensationalize rather than report the truth?

        1. We are not particulary political types. We do like the custom home they are building at West end of Alicia Lane being built by general contractor Steve Candelaria owner of 5C construction. Homeowners like Paul Broadbent the other anesethists that live there have to be happy about a pricier home adding value to the neighborhood and their property value.Trying to decide whether to move there or not from South side.

    2. We love living there in the say hello to happiness subdivision. Neighbors mind their own business, homes are detached a good distance from each other. The house next to model home is always playing their Latina music too loud, but it is quiet and peaceful other than that. Living a quiet live in a noisy world is something the French Brothers have created in their cute, cozy upscale enclave across from the nmmi golf course.

      We lived in gated community in Ohio long ago with a restrictive C C R that did not allow homeowners to hang their laundry out to dry in backyard and set lawn maintenance rules for residents who did not mow or edge their yards, or prevented you from making home additions or major changes/modifications.

      They now have a presence in Hobbs NM with professionals like Darrell Carr and Evelyn Hernandez ready to help you realize your new home ownership dreams.

  4. You need to chill about the homies playing basketball in the streets. Basketball goals in the street are allowed by City of Roswell. We love it in the quiet and peaceful Sorrento Estates!! Heart doctor Sarkees lives there. French Brothers home prices have jumped from $189000 to $209000

    1. Dr Michael Sarkees, cardiologist, left town without the same fake fanfare as MD Clarence Pearson who wrote a letter to editor thanking everybody in sight without addressing the more real and nasty issue of hospital politics and why the city can not retain competent doctors

      1. Sometimes I think the nurse assistant for my doctor only knows one thing, the difference between a virus and bacteria. She repeats that to me everytime I take my baby girl in for checkup. As dr komaroff points out, antibiotics are ineffective against viruses. As is common in our world today, the doctor does not explain why, only that viruses are “bulletproof” to antibiotics. As a biology teacher I am offended by dumbed down explanations from medical professions who often don’t really seem to know themselves. The drug companies own the doctors these days to help push all their expensive pills.

      2. Mussie Gebremedihn is an invasive cardiologist which must mean where surgeons have to saw the sternum in two to get to oxygen deprived heart muscle. Why is it all doctors are dressed like CEO of Fortune 500 company these days?

  5. Starla Nunez(has sold some homes on positano loop in Sorrento Subdivision, an excellent respectable realtor), Ruth Wise, Yolanda Archuleta, Lefty Lopez, David Duer, Leesa Chesser, Cyloma Waggoner, Riley Armstrong, Connie DeNio, and Alex Pankey all earn the 6 per cent they get of your home’s price when they sell it. These honest realtors help make Roswell tick. Duer earned around $18000 when he sold our $300000 home a few years back. I noticed the homes in Sorrento Estates are starting at $209000 these days.

    1. Noticed newspaper ad paid for by realtor Cheryle Pattison who is a real estate agent. She won some type of award for being number 1 realtor. She attempts to sincerely deflect the award to her potential customers by saying I am not number 1, but you are. Advice: you can buy and sell your home without a real estate agent being involved! Remember that “residential specialists” get 7% for selling your $250,000 house which is close to 18 thousand dollars!! That is how they pay for half page ads to win your trust.

      1. Does anybody know if Pattison is a crs or certified residential specialist? The average salary of a crs is close to 80 thousand dollars a year versus $27000 for a vanilla realtor. Also a crs sells, on average, 16 houses per year versus only 7 for for an uncertified real estate agent

    2. Connie DeNio is either misinformed or misinforming when she states that being late on rental or mortgage payments will hurt your credit score more than any other late payment. As a realtor she should know better than to publish erroneous financial information.

      1. That’s right, the realtor did not do her homework. A late payment is a late payment whether it is car, boat, cable bill, telephone bill, student loan payment, utility bill, or any other monthly payment that gets reported to one of the three major credit bureaus. In fact, if you read this credit bureau article, you will find out precisely how your FICO score is calculated.

        Either Bill or Brad Davis of Enchanted Lands-Berkshire Hathaway fed us the same story when we were house shopping with some relatives near that Disc golf course they have there. They got into nice house with only a couple of surprises not divulged by either Davis. Realtors are a tad more honest and scrupulous than car salesmen, but they are chasing that commission more than looking out for buyers best interests.

    3. Is this website related to Atlanta real estate maven Elsa who rages against the machine. The “machine” being anything that pisses her off. Otherwise She pretty easy going.

      Funny thing Elsa is that many of us rage against deceptive realtors. “Elsa” has an email bleuparrot hotmail

  6. Roswell police department needs to enforce the speed limit at union and Sorrento Drive where you turn off to enter where all the new French Brothers homes are. Cars speed and tailgate and almost rear end drivers making left and right turns into subdivision.

    1. Thanks Randal Seyler for writing about the speeding and tailgating happening on Grant Street and Grand avenue in Roswell. Norena Souza pointed out that countless cars recklessly speed through neighborhood while kids are waiting for school buses. RPD depleted force has issued multiple citations to slow down these idiots. It’s also a little out of control around Hobbs and Poe.

      1. Kayla Poindexter was fined $223 for reckless driving, following too close(tailgating), running a stop sign, and no driver’s license in Judge Lou Mallion’s municipal court.
        Crystal Servantez, Sylvia Leyba, Angie Alfonso all caught and fined for shoplifting. All Mexican sounding illegal immigrants who will blame their stealing on a low minimum wage. Shipem back to Mexico or Central America somewhere!

  7. I am pumped about the Hike it and Spike it football tournament happening within walking distance of Sorrento Estates in Roswell! So is Kenna Arganbright, Mike Acezedo of Farley’s, James Martin Jewelery, Jim Matteucci who is setting up temp hospital at the Cielo Grande Playing site!
    Remember that no booze or cigarettes are allowed at this family oriented event. You can indulge these vices at the Ramon Chavez managed Applebee’s Grill and Bar.

  8. Yvonne Lehman of Roswell has lived in multiple HUD(section 8) apartments which are for poor people who want a modest to decent apartment but can not afford it. She wrote letter to editor complaining about cock roach infestation at her HUD Wilshire located apt.
    She cries that nobody should have to live under these wretched conditions in her taxpayer paid for domicile. Lehman should have saved more money when she was younger so she could live in a nicer place NOW! She can whine all she wants. Hard working people are tired of paying for people who did not plan for their future.

    Drug plagued apartments like Rio Vista in Roswell,NM are where you may end up if you are poor and the taxpayers and the government are not required to assure you get to live where you want. You are poor and should feel lucky to even have a roof over your head!

  9. We moved into Sorrento subdivision in Roswell from Texas about half a year ago and are loving it but wanted to find out if anybody else is having trouble with their delivery of the newspaper? The RDR circulation department, for some reason closes on Sunday at 10am, which was when we missed our most recent paper. The carrier has missed a bunch and it gets old trying to get hold of him. His phone is perpetually busy this morning.

    I wonder if calling the editor Howsare or Owner of the paper Robert Beck
    or the Publisher Charles Fischer would help?

    1. According to Jeff Jackson of RDR, union avenue next to Sorrento estates will have four lanes of traffic SOON. Since soon in Roswell usually means around a year, I hope he is telling the truth and the road widening construction is complete before Fall. There is only one way out of the French Brother subdivision and the residents living close to Union should be concerned about any road pounding equipment that could damage plumbing, gas lines, or foundations in an area where there is already issues with cracks resulting from shifting soil.

      We are happy about the road widening and sidewalks as our kids walk to military heights elementary, but hope it not another typical long construction project that our city has seen too much of!!

    2. Rhonda B Johnson of Roswell wrote letter to editor thanking her newspaper carrier Erin for excellent home delivery. Johnson had canceled her home delivery because of a previous unreliable route delivery service. We had similar problem with always having to call in when paper was not thrown and also canceled our service.

      Thanks to Rhonda for serving in the capacity of regional manager of WESST which stands for Women’s Economic Self Sufficiency Team. Led by Miss Johnson, WESST helped people like my wife to find her self in a male dominated business world. We love you Rhonda AND why don’t you see about getting your paper delivery girl Erin moved up the brutal corporate food chain by getting her out of that low paying job?

      Giving lower paid women a chance to exploit their entrepreneurial spirit to get them out of the workplace gutter is a noble beneficial to the community pursuit Rhonda and we LOVE YOU for your efforts!

      1. Keynote speaker Lorena Blanco-Silva Arias speaking at SOY Mariachi Building stated Hispanic women had to overcome the general perception of incompetence held by many. Hispanic incompetence is more of a reality in Roswell. All you have to do is read police blotter or the long list of DWI/DUI predominantly Mexican,Latina. There are plenty of young Latinas with plenty of spunk and initiative.

  10. We like daylight saving’s time because it helps the French Brothers to build our house faster and we are extremely eager to get out of trash apartment we are living in!

    September L. Bosch wrote a letter to the editor of the Roswell paper attacking the viewpoint of George A. Lee who wants the time changes to remain in effect. She enumerated multiple logical fallacies in Mr. Lee’s position.

    Reading on one discovers that Mrs Bosch and her husband own a business in Roswell and time changes are bad for small businesses according to Bosch and her husband who gets irascible during the two time changes that occur in a 365 day year.

    We always vote pocketbook or attack things that are perceived to be deleterious to our livelihoods. I do appreciate the relatively civil discourse provided by the letters to editor section of the RDR.

    1. Adam Urioste of Roswell also likes daylight savings time and does not understand why so many Pirtle acolytes are so anal about it. Too many spoiled people too lazy to reset their clocks and timer appliances.

      Urioste could not conceal his contempt for the CAVE (citizens against virtually everything) people in Roswell who are the segment of population maybe 65 and over. They are the same highly vocal group who vehemently opposed the ENMU 3 mil levy.

      And, thank you president John Madden for giving us the acronym CAVE to aptly describe the monolithic nonsense advanced by Grumpy old Farts.

      1. Adam Urioste will be glad to know The bill that would’ve put New Mexico on daylight savings time year around failed to make it to the house floor Saturday ending the bills chances of passing and pissing off all the old lazy and helpless retired old farts in Roswell.

        Keep the good news coming Jeff Tucker who is the most informative and well read staff writer reporter the RDR has employed.

      2. Rodney B Adams of Roswell NM is pissed off that the daylight savings time bill did not even make it to the floor of the house. He and Pirtle must be drinking buddies. He absurdly claims 90% of state agrees with him in his letter to editor of Newspaper.

        1. Martin Kral wrote article titled Will Humanoids Transcend Humanity in RDR. The title was too histrionic for my taste, but he mentioned humanoid robots interacting with autistic kids. This could develop into a very good thing as one would expect infinite patience from a programmable robot equipped with smartphone like skin! These cute little iCub or Nao(newspaper article had the typo NOA for this French robotics company) could help the record number if autism spectrum children break out of their shell!

          He also wrote some incisive commentary in The Western Courier on the perils of screwing up your job prospects by sounding off too much on social media like Twitter, LinkedIn,FB etc.

      3. Adam Urioste worked at Dangerous Post Office in Roswell and was curt with me one day for walking in to buy 2 stamps! I did this three or four times a weak to flirt with that hot Native American worker there and He acted like I was stupid. I am retired and needed a reason to get out and about. Maybe he was joking, but he went beyond the bounds of professionalism.

        I bet he bought grass/pot from the City Park boss who was busted recently. Old people can still hear better than you think Adam. I could hear you when you thought you were whispering when you would go to the back. Also, the distinctive fragrance of Mary Jane seemed to envelope you. Surprised it was not reported to supervisor. Hell he probably smoked dope too to mitigate the abject boredom of working at the friggin post office.

        1. Adam Urioste may have lost another “dope dealer” as central control employee Arthur Luna has been arrested for drug trafficking. I have to agree with Adam given that smoking grass is minor offense and cops should focus on more serious crime.

          Mayor Kintigh who has probably smoked his share of reefer was on his high horse about it on TV yesterday.

  11. Bethany Freudenthal trusted French Brothers a little too much when she reported a 90 day build cycle. They took closer to 120 days to build ours, but they made fewer mistakes compared to other homes in Sorrento Division who were constantly having to call warranty technician for minor repairs which made the wait worthwhile. One of their construction guys named Sylor Wilkinson is quite knowledgeable and willing to articulately answer any questions you have about any phase of building and installation process. They now are building homes in three different subdivisions including The Whitney and Tijmor

    1. Bethany now composes religious pieces for newspaper. She stated Christians, people who believe there is a supernatural power who cares about people, are taught to live in this world but not of this world. What a profound philosophy there miss Freudenthal! Your whole spiritual system rests on distinguishing between two ambiguous prepositions. By the way the alternative to living in the world is being dead.

      1. Craig Abalos criticizes freudenthal for lumping all porn into one category,EVIL, as he he appears to be a user of soft porn such as watching volleyball girls have their round buttocks spanked crimson.

        I think mr Abalos understands it’s simpler for Christians to lump certain sins into single categories. In this case Bethany believes smut(sexual gratification from witnessing torture or murder) is equivalent to an older man tieing up a cowboy cheerleader and pleasuring himself while she frees herself from her bonds. Merry Christmas everybody. Drive safe during holidays

        1. I confess that I don’t understand a lot, but I do remember Evangelicals predicting that pornography would either be the downfall of man or herald the end of the world.

          For twenty years now, hard-core porn has been a mouse-click away for any adult on the internet.

          We’re all still here.

              1. Craig,

                Your nothing has changed remark is a little empty to me. Can you tell me that NO soft porn users have NEVER crossed to the line to Pedophilia OR even worse smut?

                I agree with your overall proposition that porn viewing relatively harmless compared to violent, crime, rape and murder for example, but to view it as completely benign is misguided in my view.

  12. French Brothers is home builder who lives up to their marketing slogan of best price, best value, and best warranty. In an age where deceptive advertising is the norm, the Alamogordo based company stands out as exceptional.

    They took care of us on some issues where warranty had expired, but they still did repairs. Clay based soil creates headaches for builders and home owners.

    Also French Brothers did excellent job selecting quality appliances and properly installing them for us including a really cool and efficient tankless hot water heater. A high quality appliance improperly installed is another no no for a home builder and a bad experience for home owner.

    A fair minded home owner should track the aspects of the construction that went smoothly. For us, these significantly outnumbered the hiccups and burps!

    French Brother’s Final Grade : B+

    1. Do NOT be deceived by Nations Home Warranty advertisements while watching Wretched hosted by head case Todd Friel. Nations has very short list of service providers and vendors. Our tankless hot water heater had major malfunction and the 100% guaranteed repair never happened since they didn’t have repair man with required expertise. So that cost us $600 out of pocket while we are still stuck making monthly payments!

      They also couldn’t help us with hallway lights electrical issue. So we have NOT received a penny in claims from these scamsters and can NOT get out of payment plan! Reporting them to better business bureau didn’t help either!!

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