Recluse Alert Roswell NM


This home in Roswell NM at the northeast corner of Montana and 11th  is completely enveloped by unsightly vegetation. I wonder if they have had root related pipe, plumbing, or foundation problems.

One might assume its owner is a recluse or a hermit residing in this town of circa 50 thousand. The grotesque foliage sort of functions as a natural no trespassing sign.

Alien city apparently has very relaxed to nonexistent residential housing code enforcement, as this particular domicile has looked the same every time we are in town, and I doubt the lady of this eyesore has many of the neighborhood women over for coffee. No telling what kind of varmits infest the region near the walkway to front door. I wonder if fire hydrant located on property is at risk due to inordinate amount of plant life in its proximity.


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