Red lip stick Gap tooth Smile Cosmetic Dentistry Ad


Roswell NM based dental service provider Maupin Brown posted this massive billboard adjacent to an abandoned, derelict motel in Vaughn located 95 miles north of alien city on US highway 285.

  • The ad was not aimed at gum health or cavity prevention. It’s purpose was to sell dental implants to those who are self conscious about their gap toothed smile.

Roswell NM cosmetic dentistry billboard exploiting vanity


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  1. It is quite vicious and exploitative how Clear Choice dental implant centers market the phrase Smile Freely program advanced by M.(apparently does not want anybody to know his name is Mohammed) Ali Kanawati of Cleveland Ohio.

    The big lie told by actor who said he had one day implants was that six or seven people a day at work comment about his beautiful teeth. Yeah right, when was last time anybody in break room heard an employee complimenting a colleagues TEETH? Everybody knows perfect looking teeth are FAKE! Everybody knows you paid for your unnatural bright white smile.

    The studies about implants lasting 25 years are fabricated.

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