Red Sox Fan Interfering With Outfielder


This Boston Red Sox fan sitting in first row from the field in right field almost interfered with right fielder Betts catching a potential home ball off of the bat of Astro batter Reddick.

The guy in the blue shirt, donning the blue Boston strong championship shirt and shielding his wife from being struck by high velocity baseball, really wanted a chance to catch the souvenir on this Sunday afternoon where their team was about to be eliminated in game 3 of ALDS.

As the well struck baseball descends into the glove of the well positioned outfielder, the fan wearing the Bosox cap has his gloveless hands outstretched to receive the home run ball that was never to be! The fidgety spectator behind him thought he was about to get hit.


Boston Red Sox baseball fan almost interferes with outfielder


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  1. This reminds me of the Joe Stiglich article where Matt Chapman apologized to a fan sitting along the third-base line after getting pissed off that an Oakland fan interfered with his pursuit of a foul ball.

    Jeez, if the guy was a real A’s fan, he would not have interfered! Why was Chapman so penitent to guy who cost his team an out?!!!

  2. Brian McCann has been exposed as a player who could keep astros from winning the world series. He can not throw out runners stealing and he can not hit. Today against the Yankees in the second game of ALCS, Hinch should have instructed Brian McCann to strikeout rather than swing away and hitting into a double play. The astros manager had his head in his ass. Getting Springer up to the plate with a man on is better than risking an at bat by a weak, slow hitter like Brian McCann.

    He is good at handling pitchers and calling games which is important, but is still a liability. I knew Chris Devenski in Advanced California league. He had killer changeup, but has folded in ALCS. He got yanked after walking only batter he faced who eventually scored in fourth game against Yankees. Astros were up 4-0 behind their starter until bullpen collapsed!!

    Carlos Beltran and William Joshua Reddick are also costing the Astros a trip to World Series with their horrible at bats. Astros have not gotten a single hit with runners in scoring position. Looks like Yankees are going to World Series against dodgers.

    1. Reddick is a liability at plate. In game 6 of World Series, he works 3-0 count with runners at second and third base. He choked striking out making the first out of inning and NOT getting the runner home. Hinch should have pinch hitted!!

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