Restaurants Battling Theft of Service


Some of the Luby’s Cafeterias in Houston TX expect you to pay for your food before you sit down to eat it. The Grind Burger and Booze joint in Glenwood Springs Colorado has the same anti ticket hopping (“theft of service” as Maureen O’Connor of Gawker describes a not paying your bill trend in The Big Apple) policy.

A sign near the entrance of scarfing establishment that once housed Rib City (address 208 7th Street), informed patrons to place order at front with Juan, pay, and then be seated to await your grass-fed hamburger. This pay before consuming your food idea certainly must exist only to combat the high number of lowlifes who walk out of restaurants without paying for their food,beverage, and alcohol. I guess owners must feel the loss in Tip income is more than offset by not having to pay larger wait staff.

I have no problem with this policy and would likely do the same thing if I were a restaurateur, BUT I do have a problem with them asking you sign a ticket with a Tip entry line when no service has been rendered. The Tip line should be removed for eateries with pay before you ingest sustenance policies. In fact, it is not unlike begging to expect to be tipped without supporting a full service wait staff.

That being said, the food, service, and atmosphere was exceptional and we will go back next time we are in town. BTW, we were there when a guy and his obnoxious wife raised a big stink about an order they claimed was botched. She told waiter that she had ordered a lamb patty salad and raised all kinds of hell with manager when it came out with beef paddy.

She was already pissed because they had not been seated in an area they preferred, so husband just said they were going to split without paying due to the hassle and inconvenience. Don’t know all the details, but there was big commotion with everybody watching and I think management acquiesced without making them pay.

No waiter No Tip
No waiter No Tip



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  1. Wassup with that AutoGratuity that I see in on the ticket in your article? Did you read about the rude couple at cafe in Oregon Caves National Park who were pissed off about lack of service who wrote “We waited 30 minutes for service” in Ketchup and Mustard on the table making a terrible mess for the overworked waitress to clean up while other customers were bitching about the slow service.

    Management knows who they were and reported it to their employers. Be nice people! The whole world does not revolve around you and your pathetic needs!! Now I know why there are websites devoted exclusively to rants by waiters, but to all you wait staff out there, who forced you to be in food service profession? Educate yourself, so you don’t have to take crap off of arrogant customers, the kind who walk out with both copies of ticket or sing your praises in person but leave a piece of crap tip!

  2. You sound like you personally know Tristan LeGrande, the exceptional criminal defense attorney in Houston,TX. My fathers’s restaurant chain had a lot of problems with internal employee pilferage and large groups coming in running up $300 checks AND then exiting the establishment without PAYING. LeGrande’s Firm was retained and either locked the perpetrators up or got almost full restitution for stolen inventory, food, and drink. The worst were the pricks who ran up huge bar tabs and then walked…..

    1. Elvis Bencomo of Albuquerque NM better have adequate insurance for damage caused by the idiot driver who rammed into his restaurant causing significant damage as shown on KOAT TV. Doug Fernandez seems to be reporter stuck with bringing us the most depressing news. I hope Pasion Latin Fusion and its patronage are not hurt to much by this!!! Good luck Elvis

  3. The Grind in Glenwood Springs Colorado is now back to the waiter/TIP business model. We had friendly waitress. The chef/bartender brought out our food while waitress was busy with another patron. Good NBA action at bar mixed with wholesome family atmosphere to accommodate hot springs tourists!

    Mike, the owner, works as hard as his staff and is a friendly guy to boot.

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