Roswell,NM Dog Care Controversy


There is no doubt that denizens of Roswell,NM love their dogs. That is a picture of a beautiful and happy Husky in the Ford fx4 off road pickup truck that had stopped at the intersection of 19th and Main Street near JP Stone Community Bank and Walgreens.

Contrast this peaceful and happy picture of a cruising canine with the sentiments and concerns of the Death Row Dogs of SE New Mexico page maintained at Facebook whose most recent post proclaimed  headed to the landfill. Animal control will be killing today to make room for more intakes over the weekend. PLEASE ADOPT OR WORK WITH A LOCAL RESCUE TO FOSTER.

Another post from the same page takes a pot shot at the chief of police in Roswell who the poster believes is behind the 7 day and then be euthanized policy of Animal Control:  PLEASE consider opening your home to a sweet dog . . . I saw him yesterday and he is as precious as can be . . . just adorable and only 1 yr old . . . young enough to train to have fun with and past the puppy poops. If he is not tagged by a rescue or adopted, he WILL be destroyed and none of the dogs gets a reprieve from this hard-hearted chief of police in ROSWELL, NM.

I do admire the creators of the FB page for sticking up for man’s best friend, but it is irresponsible dog owners, NOT animal control, who are to blame for all the feral, uncared for dogs roaming the streets of Alien City. I wonder how long all the dog lovers would propose the dogs be kept alive at AC?  Ideally, most all would prefer  a no kill shelter versus a kill shelter, but Who pays for it all? Still many thanks to all you dog loving rescue folks!

Beautiful Husky in back of pickup truck
Beautiful Husky in back of pickup truck

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  1. Penny Garzarek of Columbiana, Alabama is ignorant and full of hate. She called the Roswell animal shelter a hellhole based ONLY on what she read at Facebook. She branded shelter employees as sociopathic and callous.

    The animals are treated fine there. Penny, before you mouth off like that again please do a little more research and look up an anger management professional cuz you are really stressed girlfriend. I am from Ohio. How bout them Buckeyes!

    You sound bipolar. Did your medication lapse?

    1. Investigative journalist Jeff Tucker of Roswell should be investigated himself! His front page article attacking Dr Leandro Gutierrez and forcing the esteemed veterinarian to defend himself in front of veterinary board executive director Frances Sowers is deplorable.

      Tucker should be placed on administrative leave for publishing the libelous statements of Penny Garzarek who has never set foot in Roswell or the animal shelter. RDR editor Howsare went to great lengths to note this in his writings proving there is no communication or coordination between some of the writers at this unprofessional small town revolving door newspaper.

      Jeff Tucker should be reviewed by an entity that has power to recommend his termination as he has also published false info on ENMU and NMMI!

      Also Michelle Rose of Albuquerque should be arrested for her threatening expletive filled phone call to the RDR. Her phone rage combined with direct threats are criminal and prosecutable!!!

      Have you ever noticed how animal activists are stupid enough to get worked up over Tweets and Facebook accounts of reality. They seem to enjoy getting angry over 2nd hand reports on unreliable social media. They LOVE to hate.

      1. The indignation of Bobby Villegas against anti-minority extreme right wing staff writer Jeff Tucker is quite justified. Tucker is fond of dramatic non fact based articles to amp up his reputation so he can be a brighter light in a bigger city making more money at the expense of the subjects of his defamatory and libelous Roswell newspaper articles.

        Don’t worry mr Villegas. Potential employers of the rogue out of control Tucker will google his name before they hire him. They will find this comment and letters to the editor like yours. Jeff Tucker is stuck here in Roswell until he gets fired for poorly researched attack articles on our citizens.

        Just sit back, slurping on your morning coffee, reading how Jeff Tucker is weekly digging his own journalistic grave.

        Also at some points the owners and editor of newspaper will have to answer to the egregious lack of fact checking in his articles. Ask, former NMMI teacher Gil Alvarado what he thinks about Tucker.

        1. Whoa now! Hold your horses dude. I agree with what Bobby Villegas is saying for the most part, but remember Bobby Villegas sells Farmers Insurance policies for a living. I am guessing he sells that Doctor he loves some type of malpractice policy? Could be wrong but everybody protects their livelihood friend.

        2. Jerry Heck exposes himself as Racist towards Roswell’s majority Hispanic culture in his letter to editor. In his Bobby Villegas attack missive, he closed with “Have you ever heard the one about the muchacho who cried lobo?” making it clear that the washed out politician knows at least two Spanish palabras.

          Heck also is quite ignorant about the charges against Franklin at NMMI. I worked with Reggie at Godfrey and his womanizing days as Harlem Globetrotter were something he was secretly proud of. Reg is a nice guy with a weakness that so many of us have.

          Jerry Heck calls the Virginia woman and her husband a liar when he brushes off the truthful charge as a “contrived story”. Jerry, it does not take to much effort to take you and your weak act down. As long as your lips continue to move and your digits remain nimble enough to write, you will be an easy target. There was a reason you were not elected to the city council.

  2. Dorothy Hellums of Roswell, the secretary of the Republican Party of Chaves County, has squeaky clean reputation. Her husband should be the only one who is punished for his irresponsible dog ownership where his running wild canine slaughtered neighbors poultry.

    I have jogged in the 800 block of Broken Arrow during Xmas time in Roswell AND been nipped at and barked at by the Chihuahua that was ripped apart by larger dog. Jeff Tucker eagerly alerted the readership that Wildermuth did not disclose breed of killer large dog(pit bull not that large a breed?)which is locked up at 705 east mcgaffey city animal shelter.

    1. Thanks Jeff Tucker for reporting The address of pit bull owner Jessie A. Navarez. Barbara Ann Brown was walking in the alley “checking my dumpsters” near 1103 West Third Street.

      So it sounds like Barbara was dumpster diving when she was attached for the third time by the bulldog which came under the fence.

      Be fair Tucker. Watchdogs are necessary. Brown is essentially a bum with a legal address. Let’s hope lawyer Doug Jones Witt does not emerge from the filth to represent her!!

      1. Jean Andren wrote letter to editor irate st the the “adults” who blow up LOUD, window thumping fireworks. These “mature adults” waste precious family income on fireworks risking home foreclosure.

        1. I know Miss Andren and she is much more concerned about insensitive rednecks who scare the hell out of dogs shooting their damn firecrackers, bottle rockets and other expensive fireworks. This causes more lost dogs and frustrated and pissed off pet owners.

  3. Ellie Darlow, obsessive animal lover , calls Dennis Kintigh The hitler of pets while demanding his impeachment. Her emotional pleas are related to fact that she feels a dog like a man loves a woman.

    1. Janice Ensconatus is having to endure criticism for housing distemper infected dogs on her spread north of Roswell. She has a kennel license. Rescue group From Forgotten to Forever Colorado told dogs would be euthanized otherwise. Marlin Johnson indicates aymptomatic canines are a major health concern.

    2. I heard it was Darlow who created the Impeach Mayor Dennis Kintigh – Mayor of Roswell, NM Facebook page. Given her intelligence level, I doubt many take her seriously.

  4. Robert McClean of Artesia was shot dead by a bullet through his brain over a dog dispute. Detective Gracie Gonzales, Ruben Lopez, all played roles as the tragedy unfolded in the 900 block of Bullock Court.

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