Roswell’s got Talent – 2015


Our three tickets donated $30 to either the prize fund of Roswell’s got Talent or added to the coffers of the Chaves County Pregnancy Resource Center on this Friday evening at Roswell Convention and Visitor Center. The start time was erroneously published as 6 pm on social media, actually beginning at 7.

We could have done without “The Dancing with Stars” style of judging from the panel of Donovan Fulkerson, Josh Dowdy, and Kim Sexy Castro which was a slow down between performances. It was hard to respect their opinions after they lavished praise on the first act head banging electric guitar player Gavin Velasquez who only proved he could obscure his face with his long hair. The background music made it difficult to discern whether the young man played a single note or was just “lip syncing” with the guitar.

In contrast, the judges had faint criticism for unaccompanied singer Renee Morgan who definitely possessed more talent than the first act. An 18 year old cadet from NMMI, named Corey, received more criticism than he deserved after he demonstrated he has an excellent singing voice and guitar playing skills.

We thought Carlos Romero would win the $600 first prize with technically precise Dubstepping which was met by a rousing ovation from the audience. Rachael and Ellie Graves won the hearts of everyone in the crowd with successive singing performances from the mother and daughter.

Janet Allen, singing “I’m God” accompanied by Astuti Abukusumbo on keyboard, exceeded her time limit and surprisingly did not crack the top three. The audience’s reaction to her performance was clamorous and lengthy?!?! One wonders if some members of the congregation felt song had sacrilegious/blasphemous tone with the lyrics “I am God”?

I believe I heard MC Tim Aguilar , youth pastor from Church on the Move, introduce rapper Michaela Valles as a former juvenile detention center resident. Michaela’s act told of her finding Jesus Christ, apparently, while locked up, and all seemed impressed at her reversal in values and willingness to learn from past transgressions. I hope the high energy and effective Master of Ceremonies will comment if this writer is mistaken on what he heard.

Rose Thorsted’s shadow puppetry of “What a Wonderful World” where she used the shadows of her hand to imitate singers and babies crying via a dislocated thumb/digit was perhaps the best display of creativity of the evening and these viewers felt she should have at least received an honorable mention.

Upon hearing Jonathan Gomez’s mellifluous  guitar/singing piece of an original work titled “Home”, we thought he the odds on favorite to win the competition, but he finished third. 23 year old Jordan Granger, owning amazing range and voice control, won the first place prize of 600 bucks singing “Misery” by Pink.

Thanks to Sponsors Dodson Wholesale Lumber and law firm Kraft and Hunter, limited liability partnership for helping to put on the second annual Roswell’s got Talent!! BTW Donovan Fulkerson is an excellent photographer who has very reasonable rates and congratulations to Kim Castro for her exemplary dance teaching ability, leading Charlie’s Angels to 5 or 6 consecutive state titles!!!


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  1. Baylor Law School graduate, Roswell has got talent sponsor, and Roswell NM attorney Rick Kraft writes of paths crossing in a newspaper column. Rick believes he is at a good spot in his life and that a good story will told about him when he leaves this earth.

    Rick’s path crossed with LANA CAROL MUSE and JACK LEROY MUSE as a lawyer being paid in an acrimonious divorce trial. The extremely bitter, formerly happily married couple, were battling over around $425,000 worth of assets some of which would pay for attorney fees and hourly rates.

    I do wonder if the Baylor Law school graduate’s path would have crossed with the Muses had their estate been worth say $30,000? Put another way Rick, would you have taken the case of couples divorcing who resided in the dangerous southeast side of town?

    1. John Wooden acolyte lawyer Kraft is fond of moralizing in his hometown newspaper. One of his heroes suggestions is to drink deeply from good books especially the Bible.

      Would Rick include The Koran or Upanishads in his list?

      Also as an attorney Kraft built his rainy day shelter by making money off of separated/divorced couples fighting over their property and estates.

      Oh excuse me, is that being true to thy self?

      Counselor Kraft partially makes his living off of the contents of an article written by Brittany Wong where she details that there are seven fights any couple will invariable have: 1.The need for attention 2. The in-laws 3. Cellphone use 4.Sex 5. Time spent with children 6. Money 7. “Nothing” at all – you know the fights over how the dishwasher is loaded, the toothpaste tube, or how to load the trunk of your car with luggage.

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