Say no to Panhandling in SLC


Our first trip to Salt Lake City, Utah produced one big surprise. In a town well known for its exorbitant church architecture, its homeless and panhandling problems appear to be disproportionately higher than even Chicago, Illinois!

We got lost finding our way to the Great Salt Lakes and ended up in an area town(maybe a park) where there were a staggering number of bums, transient,derelict, pauper, beggar types. There were so many of them assembled that from a distance we thought it was some sort of public function like a concert or even a public demonstration which seemed possible since it was gay pride day with young men dressed in short tight shorts and no shirts.

The sign you see below, near the Mormon Temple Square,  states a city ordinance which says “Please don’t support panhandling, know where it goes, give to  agencies that help those with greatest need at” Sign has the universal symbol for DO NOT, a red circle containing a hand with a red slash through hand which clearly means no handouts to people who do not feel like working for a living.

So if you don’t give beggars money for food, they will either get a job, starve, or resort to life of crime. Some people really are in need, but the majority are lazy and play the sympathy card in very clever ways. 




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  1. You can thank the ACLU for perceiving that making panhandling illegal for beggars is wrong. Some idiot named Simonson in Albuquerque NM USA believes that not allowing bums to beg in congested areas is a violation of their freedom of speech.

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