School Board Candidate Flyer at Popular Mexican Food Place


Burrito Express in Roswell NM favors the election of a certain Roswell Independent School District school board candidate on February 7, 2017. We are happy they are located not too far off of US285 near NMMI since it makes it a convenient stop when we are passing through on our way to Midland,TX.

The candidate Alan GEDDE is a youth or children’s pastor at a popular community church there. His campaign is funded by the very standard and vague citizens to elect Alan GEDDE. Chad Cole is his treasurer. Mr Gedde’s wife teaches in RISD and they have six kids and counting! This alone makes this ebullient gentleman highly qualified in this writer’s view.

His ebullience is manifest on his flyer next to the Burrito Express soft drink you see in the picture below! If you zoom in on the pic, you are taken aback by his bright ear to ear smile. My guess is he is an excellent singer and leader given his role at Grace Church. We would vote for the guy without knowing him if we were registered in Chaves County. You know the guy is special if his gmail address has no numbers in it!! I mean GED is embedded in this dude’s name! What more could you ask of somebody running for a school board position.



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  1. “I know that we can graduate 100 percent of our kids. We just have to have that commitment.”

    These were the words of Mona Kirk who is running for RISD school board. Sure we can graduate all of them Mona. Let them retake the same test over and over til they get an A is a common “teaching technique” OR let the zombied out kids on meds just do a worksheet the entire period without teacher guidance.

    You bet Mona all those years as an educator had profound impact on you and all that data about highly qualified teachers who start at $36000 per year. You go girl.

    Gedde gets that teacher morale is at all time lows. VOTE for that man!!! I believe his wife’s relations with RISD superintendent were quite strained to say the least and the people running for school board positions will mobilize to terminate the employment of Burris. I think Burris is good for the best interests of our young students and his many critcs are just punks not wanting to admit the PROBLEMS with their children start at home!

    1. Yeah Gag me with a fork Mona. Really?! Nicole Austin has much more rational view of the reality in our school system, especially the horrible teacher attrition and horribly low retention numbers. The only negative aspect is Nicole is the chief lending officer at Pioneer Bank. I heard that she has approved loans where she could have easily given the borrower 3.7% on 30 year mortgage. Instead, she gave them 4% which adds about $70 per month to their home payment. That is money that belongs in the pockets of home buyer, not the greedy home town lender! And people wonder why everybody just uses Quicken loans rather than being foolishly loyal to Pioneer Bank.

      Alan Gedde is running on platform of proven leadership, but he has only shown he can sort of lead children. WHAT ABOUT ADULTS?

      I would not vote for Arturo Ibarra because of his employment at Krumland Auto Group. He did not mention in what capacity and just the mere possiblity that he could be a dishonest conniving car salesman is enough to make me nauseous. However, if he is not a car salesman, I might give him my vote because of his insights into some the serious discipline and behaviorial isssues at Mesa Middle School.

      James Edwards gives me the creeps. He lists an enmu email address,BUT says nothing about the nature of his employment almost overtly refusing to reveal if he really even works. He did survive as a student at Mesa Middle school and has spoken out on the harmful effect of bullying.

      1. You have to vote for Mestas for district 2 in school board election and let me tell you WHY!! We tried to get a home loan from Nicole Austin at Pioneer Bank. Our credit score had taken a big hit at Experian because of a massive medical bill for a surgery the insurance comapny would not pay on and we could not afford out of pocket. It may have been Powers a woman underneath Nicole who would not give us the loan, but Nicole could have overriden the loan originators decision. Our families sort of know both of these women. We have sent 3 kids through the school system, paid property taxes and they would not lend us the money to move into our dream home because evil Experian out of Allen TX says we are not credit worthy. Why would you vote for a woman who really only cares about the bottom line operations of bank who wont take a few chances with its loyal citizens?!!!!!

        Louise Mestas has two grand kids at Del Norte and is a superior candidate. He served in Viet Nam. He has helped many as counselor at Sunset Elementary and is not beholden in any fashion to the greedy interests of a bank with no heart or guts. That new subdivision off of Union near Military Heights supports him with placards in their front yard for a reason! Vote Louise!

        1. I hope current School Board Members well step up to the plate and fight the graduation corruption that is widespread at Goddard High School. One instance of it involves the son of a Roswell Police Officer. Junior failed some classes that were unconditional graduation requirements. Daddy is close buds with Goddard Principal who overturned the punk’s failing grades so spoiled, disruptive, immature brat could graduate. Anybody who reads this knows the rotten kid and should not standy by and let his illegitimate graduation go unnoticed. This goes well beyound the rampant grade inlations that dilutes GPA to meaningless numbers. This was CHEATING by the man in charge of running the school!!! STAND UP! Stop this unfair practice.

          1. You must be referencing Brian Luck. He tells whoever is around what they want to hear. If it is a teacher, you are a highly effective educator. If it is a parent, I will “work” with all the teachers your child is failing, If it the district, we are working on our completion rates.
            This principal tries to please everybody to the extent he is forced to contradict himself. Many quality educators quit because of him. What’s next? A Brian Luck graduated from Goddard in 1990. His math teachers would tell him, that makes him 45 year old. Old enough to be fair and objective with his employees.

            1. I would like to hear first hand from students like writer Kaitlyn Ware if cheating students who are not eligible for graduation are given preferential treatment from the Goddard principal.

              I know writing negativity about the principal would be in poor taste, but what happened with that punk who aggressively confronted his teacher because he failed has to be stopped!

        2. I got a home mortgage through Karen Powers around 2 years ago at 3.8%

          So she sends me this letter saying Pioneer Bank is NOT servicing mortgage anymore!!!! I could not reach her and she would not return any of my calls. I called the number of place that is supposed to be processing my mortgage and nobody knew anything about it!!!!!!!

          Has anybody else gone through this crap? WTF!!! What kind of loan officer treats customers this way?!!!

          1. We also got a notice from the bank that I thought was being capably managed by President Christopher Palmer. It was just a snail mail telling us an outfit named loancare llc would be taking over for our mortgage which was written by an older blond haired woman in roswell. The notice said somebody from loancare llc would contact us about processing the paper work.

            We never were contacted over phone by loancare or Pionner Bank representatives about the transfer. Pioneer Bank should be written up by a Federal or State oversight board over the complete lack of due diligence. They are obviously trying to minimize their costs at customer expense! THEY SPEND TOO MUCH MONEY ON CEO Stephen P. Puntch and presidents and vice presidents rather than focusing on customer care. We just closed all our accounts there. Don’t give them your business!!!!

            1. We are going through the very same headache with a mortgage loan officer named Rebecca Underation on house in North East side of town not too far from where Powers lives. Becky was all smiles when she was trying to get us to sign. She did NOT tell us anything about the mortgage changing over to LoanCare. When we try to call Charlotte Gipson, nothing but phone tag! This is BS. Do you know the name of state or federal agency that will investigate this kind of nonsense? We were on time with all of our payments for almost a year and a half before this inconvenient crap started happening. We will just take to Rocket Mortgage since we have 60 days according to the letter Pioneer Bank sent out. Loan officers are about like car salesmen. They love you THEN THEY LEAVE YOU!!!!!!

              1. Our lending agent, Nereida Gutierrez, told us that processor of loan could change anytime at our home closing at Title Company on College Avenue.

                Sure enough we got some crap in the mail for LoanCare, LLC in Virginia Beach, VA.

                The sent us one of those donotreply emails saying our account was set up TWICE! Both times we went to loancare website and BOTH times it did not recognize our social security number!!!

                We called their customer care and could not get through. I agree that Pioneer Bank screwed over their loyal customers for a CHEAP loan processing servicer. Nobody including Nereida Gutierrez even picked up the phone to guide us. They get their cut and it is CYA LATER SUCKER!!

    2. Homophobe and Roswell city councilor savino Sanchez wants to combine Roswell High and Goddard into a single school. He perceives that as way Unite a divided city. Unappreciated high performing teachers would lose their jobs due to scaling. Sanchez, like all bleeding heart liberal, has no understanding of the law of unintended consequences associated with merging two schools into one.

      Savino is confused about the low turnout for school board election attributing it to apathy. He does not recognize the populace is smarter than him. Citizens are well aware elected officials often do not keep campaign promises and see it as a waste of time to go to the polls.

    3. Mike Kakuska hired lawyer S. Doug Jones Witt claiming damages of close to one million dollars due to retaliation by former superintendent Burris who allegedly violated whistleblower protection laws.

      And to think cartoonist Keith Bell got fired by Barbara Beck for his honest portrayal of the crooked ways in Roswell,NM

    4. RHS 2017 valedictorian Emily Elizabeth Diaz and salutatorian Nikki Skyler Ortega Brown had the arrogance to compare members of their grade inflated, selfie loving, socially promoted senior class with Hemingway, Spielberg and da Vinci.
      Maybe these “upper echelon” students have some potential, but the average high school graduate is illiterate from a literacy and mathematical point of view.

  2. Do any of your remember the law suit filed by Dana Howse, against RISD, who earned around $12000 per year as a teacher’s aid for 16 years? The teachers aid position was discontinued and she became a truancy officer no longer moving on the pay scale.

    I believe it was attorneys Michelle Lalley Blake and Kerri L. Allensworth who argued the case for the poorly treated educator. Any info would be appreciated as I intend to publish a list of grievances of RISD educators, hopefully reaching class action status.

  3. I’m ecstatic that Sean Clark and Jen’e Simpson Clark are opening a specialty salad buffet at 209 North Main! This dynamic duo husband wife team will help with extreme obesity problem here giving the folks options over greasy, fattening burritos.

    Paula Schurle is rockin and rolling across the street.

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