Senior Best Ball Golf Tournament:Closest to the Hole Marker


The marker you see on this green at the Spring River Golf course in Roswell, NM marks the location of the senior who landed closest to the hole on this par 3. The seniors played a 2 man best ball tournament early on a Wednesday morning and whoever got closest to the hole on the par 3 17th hole apparently won some sort of prize.

The senior closest to the hole would write their name on the “Closest to Hole” marker and then place the marker at the spot where their golf ball landed. This is certainly an honor system and on this day J. Donahue was first and Tom Lunstrum was third. I could not read the name of the second place finisher.

Golf is a great activity for all and especially invigorating for the retired and/or elderly. Staying active after retirement is crucial to  one’s physical and mental health and Roswell is full of frisky, spry seniors who are much more athletic and active than many of the overweight and out of shape younger residents of the alien city.

Do you recognize the silhouette of the ghost golfer putting near the sand trap?


Closest to Hole Marker Senior Golf Tournament

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  1. Looks like Spring River does their best to promote senior activities at their golf course and from what I can tell all around Roswell. We used to play at the NMMI course but got tired of being rushed by Randy Doerhoefer. He was always in a big hurry to lock the gates to parking lot so he could leave. The Spring River Golf club does not not have any gates and you can play until you finish your round whether it is dark or not. Randy needs to improve his customer service skills because he would be waiting out in the parking lot for all the stragglers to get in their face about making him wait to lock the gates. I know we do not go to NMMI Golf Course anymore because of him.

    1. Randy has rushed us one too many times too at NMMI golf course with his cool PA system. We were all putting on the ninth hole coming in and the dude interupted us twice real loud like!! Maybe his boss will read this. When we left he was trying to be nice and all. If they lose enough business to the other golf course maybe he will get talked to. Brady Crump is a good kid and golfer who has never hassled us to get off the course fast.

    2. Dear Dave Clary,

      Sorry you are too poor to enjoy a round of golf for $13.25 at the beautiful and well maintained spring river course. You write as though you are intelligent enough to have made more of a mark in life. Cahoon park was derelict, dangerous and should have been shut down much sooner than it was.

      BTW, how do you know about the gambling? Are you that bitter lurking old man we sometimes see outside the fence on jogging trail near hole 14. Just identify yourself, would love to give you a shot of the finest whiskey man can buy. Also, from our wagering income would front you 10 bucks for a visit to Subway.

    3. Rita Kane Doerhoefer is pissed off the city is spending so much money on new pool. She believes hiring a full time city inspector would be a good way to spend tax payer dollars. Many derelict city properties around town

      1. Cara Simons of Albuquerque is irate that eyesore at 1105 Stutz Drive NE is not being properly managed by city government. I don’t blame her as derelict homes lower property value and increase crime and vandalism.

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