Sorry two of our waiters called in sick


The friendly young hostess at Chili’s in Roswell,NM informed us that two members of the wait staff had phoned in sick. We were seated and after around 10 minutes our drink order had not been taken. I got up and informed the same hostess and she got us somebody quick. The poor guy was overwhelmed and stated that he and a trainee were responsible for around 20 tables! Michael, our waiter, forgot the French Fries but we were still generous with the tip understanding that he was overworked and stressed.

Chili’s is frequently criticized for poor management, but there is not much you can do to prepare for two missing employees during a busy lunch hour. Maybe  be a little more selective about who you hire, but Roswell is notorious for a very weak labor force which is one of the reasons places like Quiznos and Black Eyed Pea will not take a chance opening a franchise in the land of manana.

Check out the following complaint about Chili’s management:

We “called ahead” at 6:30 and stated that we would like 2 booths. We arrived at 7. There were already about 20 people waiting for booths, probably several who had also called ahead. Within one half hour, all of the other people waiting were seated. We were the only ones left that had not been seated. As new people began walking in the door, they were seated immediately ! Finally, at 7:45, we complained to the manager that we had asked for 2 booths, called ahead, and now we were witnessing “walk-ins” getting seated immediately. The manager said that he thought we wanted 2 booths together. (How could we ever get 2 booths together if, every time one booth became available, someone was seated there ?) We said that we did not ask for 2 booths together, and that we would have been very happy with any 2 booths in the same room. The manager was anything but apologetic, so we left ! Chili’s management could definitely use some training

I side with the management on this one. When a large party phones in to reserve two tables, that means walk-ins have to wait while noticing two unoccupied tables. I would be the guy saying “can’t you seat us in those vacant tables? We have been waiting 10 minutes.”

Also about half the time, phone-in reservations are no shows which hurts Chili’s reputation as a walk-in establishment. Whoever wrote in whining about Chili’s management not honoring their call in “reservation” needs to recognize that Chili’s is not required to even take reservations. Get over yourself! Show up and wait in line like everybody else and Chili’s won’t have to trust you to not no-show. Too many belly aching cry babies in the United States. To be expected I suppose with our entitlement culture and president.


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