Stay off Your Mobile Phone if You Want Service at this Credit Union


On an extremely hot Roswell, NM day, we needed a money order and were glad to find a credit union near New Mexico Military Institute where my nephew was going through orientation to see if that structured type of environment will help him become more mature and responsible.

The Walmart SuperCenter was some distance, so we used the drive through window service. We were grateful and slightly amused at the sign posted on the window that said So that we can provide you better customer service, we will not conduct business if you are on the cell phone. 

My wife sides with the credit union and I get how irritating it can be to have to wait on a smoker or somebody texting or talking. However, if customer has already given you the money and information required to conduct the transaction, then why would credit union care if you were gabbing away on your smart phone? I wonder if they have ever declined service based on their policy?

No Cell Phone use at this credit union drive through window


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