Suspicious Real Estate Employment Opportunity




We saw this sign attached to base of telephone pole at the corner of Chicago and 50th streets in Lubbock TX USA.  An unnamed real estate investor seeks to employ a trainee offering earnings as high as 20,000 USD per month. Said investor requests a text with name and email address for all interested suckers.

The first question any person of intelligence would pose is why wouldn’t the gentleman just go ahead and pocket that 20K per month into his piggy bank? Another query would be did the businessman obtain a proper permit from the city of Lubbock to post his solicitation on public property? I suspect he hung it up hoping enough naive poor Texas Tech college students would jump all over the “money making opportunity” before police officers removed his defacement from pole. He did post his phone number of 806 337 2907 without otherwise identifying himself.

The phone number pulls back to an Amarillo TX landline whose owner appears to have paid to keep his/her name unlisted. Also note the clever Amarilloan entrepreneur chose to display his get rich scheme next to a bus stop where the foot traffic is likely poor/indigent and unable to own a car which might raise their level of financial desparation. Remember any billboard or publicly posted help wanted sign involves elements of deception. Be cautious before responding.



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    2. Realtor Valerie Crowell has no soul. She stated a condemned home in Lafayette California near San Francisco was worth $850,000. The red carded property had placard that said you could die if you entered. One of the bedrooms was hanging over a deep hole formed by mudslide.

      No wonder so many homes are for sale by OWNER! Ask Valerie if she would let her daughter move in to the derelict domicile.

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