SUV Dashboard from Hell


On this day in early December,  the owner of the Honda SUV was likely a retired gentleman touring the country on his bountiful fixed income. I am guessing he was a lifelong teacher who maxed out his social security and state retirement or penison plan probably making around $4500 per month of his retirement proceeds.

Enough of the speculation! This dude’s dashboard was completely covered with atlases, maps, notebooks, newspaper, Wendy’s and Whataburger napkins, and what appears to be a traffic ticket as he stopped off to shop at the Sam’s Club in Roswell New Mexico in the the United States.

He likely is traveling alone as his wife, if he is betrothed, would never tolerate such a mobile pigsty. There were two vehicles nearby leaking quite a bit of oil that we almost slipped in. I almost waited to advise them there was a Walmart next door with a lube and tire express that would glady accept their business and make their cars roadworthy.

Also, we were surprised at the high number of USA beggars, not just in Roswell. Finally, Ali Wunderman writes almost erotically about how many married women travel alone suggesting that many of us are seeking hot hookups to breakup the monotony of a less than stimulating marriage.



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