Tasteless Garage Sale Ad


The woman running this garage sale at 2900 Onate Road in Roswell, NM wanted everybody to know it was occurring due to her divorce. The newspaper advertisement reads “everything must go, including husband“.

At first glance this smacks of humor and attention-getting, but I wonder about the prudence of even labeling it as a Divorce Garage Sale. Isn’t that TMI? Either her ex husband and her are good friends with very forgiving senses of humor OR she does not mind shaming him with a very public act of disrespect.

I am guessing it was her house first before they married or she would not be carrying on the way she is. Still not sure why she had to put the divorce part in the ad. Am I missing something? Maybe Jordan E. Trager could explain.

Garage Sale Due to a Divorce
Garage Sale Due to a Divorce

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  1. I know that woman and her husband cheated, lied , and wrecked their family. She has a right to be pissed off and blow off a little steam…Oh I swear just ain’t fair trouble trouble everywhere. Oh lord common down got to spread some love around…..did I mention I was born on a Sunday and my dad got drunk and left on Monday, but I did grow up to be quite a lady

  2. Roswell has its share of unhealthy, unfaithful marriages. Too many of the womenfolk stay with their old man even though they know he be fooling around. Some of the women be the same way whoring around at the bars.
    What’s worse is that cheaters and cheating seem to be okay these days. People hardly bat an eye or put it down. Kids grow up having no respect for marriage When it should be a sacred union between a man and a woman. That’s right Mr. President. A man and a woman!

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