That Pesky Garage Sale Permit


We have not seen garage sale permits posted at the majority of them we have been to in Roswell,NM. That is why we have immense respect for Miss Franco of 402 Sunrise Road  for taking the time to figure out which city agency is responsible for issuing permits which allow a family to sell goods out of their garage and front yard. We have heard that going through the process of getting a permit is a real pain in the ass and a little confusing. Miss Franco is a fine Christian woman and an upstanding citizen who shared with us that her insurmountable debt was forcing her to sell off treasured heirlooms that she would have preferred to kept in the family. It is too bad she could not afford the services of an estate sell professional who may have made her more even after their charge for running the estate sell.

The garage sale permit you see below was procured by Miss Franco in accordance with the laws of the city although, as intimated, is rarely done at most garage sale events in the city. I suppose many citizens just take the chance that authorities will not drive around town checking to see if all garage sales have obtained the permit from the city even though there is a fine for running such a sale without the permit.

The phone number in Roswell,NM one has to call in order get a garage sale permit is 575-637-6280(code enforcement office can tell you how much it costs to obtain garage sale permit). A careful reading of this permit revealed that selling spray paint to people under the age of 18 can by punished by a fine of up to $500 with the possibility of 90 days incarceration for the crime of petty misdemeanor. I guess this is because many kids try to get high by huffing/inhaling spray paints.

Also fines will accompany not removing any signs that have been placed to attract attention to the garage sale. We see the effects of lazy people leaving signs up all the time and I DOUBT they were issued citations by the city.

Also affixing signs to shade trees, lamp posts, public utility pole, or any other public structure is forbidden and more strictly enforced.

Garage sale permit
Garage sale permit

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  1. We paid a friend of Miss Franco’s daughter $75 cash for various items at the same garage sale in Roswell,NM. She accepted it as payment in full. We came back to pick up the kitchen ware and furniture a few hours later and Miss Franco’s daughter(her friend had never told her about transaction) said we still owed her another 75 dollars. She kept saying it would be the honorable thing to do since she is in such horrible debt after her mother’s death. It was her friend who was dishonorable. Anyways, we saved a LOT of money on some high quality stuff!!

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