The Cottage Industry called Estate Sales


We got some great deals on furniture,kitchen ware, and books at an Estate sale located at 2904 1/2 North Kentucky in Roswell,NM. I believe it was the home of a doctor who had recently passed.

You can see the canopy, in front of the home of the decedent, serving simultaneously at a check out counter and an information booth. I always feel like a scavenger when I go to an estate sale because we always find high end furniture and art pieces that would cost us a lot of money if we purchased at one of the local furniture stores. In fact, I do not know how furniture stores stay profitable in Roswell given the spate of Estate sales where high quality furniture with character is sold at rock bottom prices!

I don’t know if the lady under the canopy was friend of the family or if she was a professional running the Estate sale for a fee.

There is something quite nostalgic about buying items at Estate sales. We wondered how many contented eyes had glanced at the painting we bought or adored the finely crafted dining room chair, or was as moved by passages in the cheap classic books we purchased.

Finally, I must comment on the necessity of an address that contains a fraction likeĀ 2904 1/2 North Kentucky. I am sure that the cultured physician who occupied this comfortable looking domicile had to tolerate a lot of civilized jokes at dinner parties. Seriously, would like to know why city planners could not figure out an address system that did NOT require fractions…..absurd! Back to the scavenger part…..any item for sale is extremely negotiable. Remember, they are never sure they will get another offer on an item and have to carefully weigh rejecting your offer. For example, we walked out of there paying only $15 for a beautiful chair that was already marked way down at $25. Keep your eye on the newspapers. People die at about the same rate people are born. You can find one most every weekend during the summer.

Home where an estate sale was being conducted

Home where an estate sale was being conducted


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  1. Does Wild West Auctions do these type of estate sales? I met a friendly guy named Lester who used to work at NMMI that I think runs the place. Not sure want kind of cut they get.

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