The Guy with a List in Line at Subway


Took this picture in Roswell,NM. We stop at the Subway Sandwich shop there on our way from Dallas to Ruidoso. Everything in the big city is so rushed these days and people are in bad mood because the Rockets are about to sweep the Mavericks.

What you see in the pic is a middle aged man with a list in his hand detailing the orders of the 5 members of his family that chose to have him pick up their sandwiches. The gentleman told a short story about each member of his family as he was reading off the details of each each sandwich to the attendant! How do I know he ordered 5 sandwiches other than his own? He had a loud voice and he took his damn time. The three ladies behind him patiently waited, but the attendant should have taken each of their individual orders prior to taking the order of the list bearing patron.

What surprised me is that nobody seemed to care and then I realized I was at a Subway in a small town! Wow, I should move here. Everything is so laid back. I was the one out of place here and the only one that seemed agitated at somebody holding up the line. I know that back in Dallas line rage(read about the Disney world incident where Aimee Krause was bum rushed and attacked by Victoria Walker of Alabama) is real especially when it is somebody on their phone calling back to their office to place orders for every fool in the building!

On the way back from Ruidoso to Dallas, we stopped at the Subway near the UFO museum and were taken aback by the hairstyle of the kid standing in front of us.

The service at both of the Roswell sandwich shops was exemplary contrasted with the horrible service we got at the Subway in Clines Corners which does not always honor coupons and closes way too early on Friday and Saturday nights.

Isn't is a Bummer to wait in line at Subway behind a single person with a long list!!
Isn’t is a Bummer to wait in line at Subway behind a single person with a long list!!



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