This Small Town Mall on Life Support


The Roswell Mall or more affectionately called the Roswell Hall by the locals manages to keep its doors swinging despite many unoccupied store and shop fronts. The corner shop you see in the picture below used to be a Munchies Sandwich Shop that was once also open for business in the Petroleum Building.

These days it is a Yummy Burgers and More franchise whose days appear to be numbered in Alien City. Just ask the seated attendant whose head is barely visible near the cash register with a smart phone covering his nose and eyes.

It is a common sight at the mall to see teen agers and young adults manning their postition with their eyes affixed to their cell phone with nothing to do because of the exceptionally low foot traffic. We have never seen the guy who is the sales agent at the cigarette vapor booth look up.

Just behind him to his right is a single patron seated in their equivalent of a food court adjacent to the closed Corn Dog Plus establishment that finally went belly up after staying open much longer than observant consumers would expect. Keep those thumbs up Mr Yummy Burger and good luck!


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