A venerated Roswell Institution Closes its Doors after 20 Years


On this cold and dreary last day of the month of February(Yes that is snow you see in the picture) in the year 2015, a Roswell,NM treasure  was closed on a Saturday afternoon for the first time in 20 years! This popular and yet obscure Mexican Food restaurant located just to the east of Tia Juana’s decided shut down their family based operation for reasons that were not disclosed in local newspaper or in Albuquerque TV newscast.

In the  picture you see below, the sorry we are closed sign next to the drive through order window is rather misleading as it should declare sorry we are permanently closed. Yes, Cecilio’s Mexican Food, which has served two generations of Roswell families tasty and fairly priced food, may become one of the many derelict buildings that dot our community.

The TV piece covering the closing interviewed 3 or 4 Roswell citizens, all of whom, said they had been coming to Cecilio’s since they were kids and now their kids loved the place just a much. I know Cecilio’s served a different clientele than Buffalo Wild Wings, but wonder if the opening of the wildly popular sports bar drew away customers from Cecilio’s since Cecilio’s announced their final day of business to Friday February 27th which was not too far after the Grand Opening of Buffalo Wild Wings.

The proprietors never stated that such a thing had anything to do with them going belly up. They were among the friendliest and most courteous proprietors in the city of Roswell and I will miss their food and hospitality.

Cecilios Mexican Food Closes after 20 years of stellar service
Cecilios Mexican Food Closes after 20 years of stellar service

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  1. Cecelios closed but Panda Express Chinese restaurant is opening November 21 near Walmart in Roswell. Thanks to RDR reporter Curtis Michaels for providing us with this great news!

  2. Speaking of going belly up, Hastings Entertainment Superstore declared bankruptcy blaming Spotify and Amazon for squeezing them out of business. Their book offering were abysmally inadequate and I am surprised they remained afloat as long as they did. Roswell does not have a single bookstore worth going to.

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