Volleyball derriere on Display at your Local Gym


Provocative is not  a strong enough word to describe the feelings of a male in his prime when viewing this picture of a 19 year old female college volleyball player.One does not have to give too many hints on the ASSpect of this sexy pic that might lead to many sleepless nights for the poor guys in the freshman dorm who attended this volleyball game.

This particular girl dated some of the Black athletes at the college and made no secret that was her preference. The girls these days are so much more sexually mature and know exactly what they want AND dress accordingly. They know they have a bunch of drooling, horny men watching everything  about them other than their skills at volleyball.

You can’t tell me they do not know the type of impression they are making by wearing skin tight spandex shorts. They could easily dress much more conservatively in looser fitting attire. Just look at the muscular curvature of this girl’s backside. How could you walk back to your dorm room and even attempt  to study with images of these stunning buttocks indelibly etched in your mind??

I wonder what it is like for somebody so voluptuously attired after the game knowing that every male in the field house has a photo copy of her delectable derriere stored permanently in his brain.(the one above the waistline)

Leave nothing to the imagination pic of female college volleyball player
Leave nothing to the imagination pic of female college volleyball player

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  1. God what a perfect ass! Do you know who that girl is? I am second year law student and am fascinated by the following case involving a Temple female volleyball players and her boyfriend.
    Emily Frazer is suing the university for having her kicked off the volleyball team and rescinding her scholarship after an incident between her and ex-boyfriend.

    She had broken up with her boyfriend who was a punter on football team named Andrew Cerett. While Frazer was visiting in a friend’s dorm room, Cerett visited, forced himself into the room, and began threatening Frazer with phrases like, “If I can’t have you, no one can have you”, according to the lawsuit filed by sexy volleyball player.

    Police found Cerett, who was drunk as a skunk after taken 19 shots of alcohol before the altercation. Rather than expel the immature punk football player, it was Frazer who had her scholarship revoked! Kristin Bowser, writing for CollegeSpun, can provide you with more breadth and depth on this alluring topic where, once again, an innocent female is exploited by the aggressive, immature actions of a horny male. BTW, Bowser is a sight to behold in tight jeans.

  2. Erin McAuley wrote in depth about how Cerett got a free pass on sexual assault. Allied Barton Security Services was sued iin Federal Court and lost business due to negative publicity. One of security guards would tape record the loud,screaming orgasms rather than break it up or issue a citation.

    The punter was accused of being a control freak which is surprising since punters are the most gutless, weak players on the team.

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