Wait, that’s a Furrs Cafeteria Sign in Storage


When the word cafeteria is mentioned these days most folks think of Luby’s cafeteria which was named after a daughter of the man who founded Luby’s in San Antonio Texas. However, another cafeteria used to have more market share than Luby’s in places like Midland, El Paso, Odessa and other places in West Texas and eastern New Mexico.

We pass through Roswell around 5 times a year and invariably stop off at Cowboy Cafe in Roswell on US highway 380/70 aka 2nd street in alien city. The picture you see below was taken behind Cowboy Cafe near a fenced in storage/dump area. As you can see, the signage for a Furrs Cafeteria is in the fenced in area. If you look closely, you will see the white lettered cafeteria sign partially obscured by fence/brush/trees.

There used to be a Furrs Cafeteria on south main street (US-285) located very close to Sears. The word was it was going to reopen in the northern part of Roswell, but it has been over 3 years since the closing and still no Furrs. Perhaps the owners of Cowboy Cafe are storing the signage in the event of a reopening. I think most Roswell citizens and travelers would prefer the pricier but superior cafeteria alternative Lubys!!



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  1. The LuAnn platter was named after owners daughter or grand daughter. You are mistaken. George Hennard killed 24 Luby’s diners in Killeen, tx after driving his vehicle through the glass of dining room.

  2. Bella LUNA PIZZERIA in Roswell,nm now occupies the building that housed Furrs Cafeteria long ago. The building was dark and dusty for 5 years and now hosts an Italian eatery with slow service and average food.

    1. Patricia Calhoun, writing for Westword(overrun by pay per click ads), produced a decent stroll down memory lane article. An oldtimer in Roswell NM:

      Good old nostalgic Furr’s. After church every Sunday. They were my first job at 14 years of age; first in the dishwashing facilty and then behind the line. “Would you care for a roll or maybe some jalapeno cornbread, or a date with busgirl in the skin tight dress? Most patrons thought the food was great, especially the baked halibut and the apple dumplings. We did a tour down memory lane at the Furr’s that Jenn is reviewing a while back and I have to say either I have grown taste buds during the past 40 years or Furr’s cuisine has deteriorated in quality. I tend to think the quality has gone to hell.

      Same crap with Sears, across the way, closing its doors after not being able to compete!

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