Waitress Practicing Politics forgets her Job Description


The profile of red headed, auburn female you see behind the counter was the bartender at Smoke Modern Barbeque in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. She did not practice politics on this Elite Eight Saturday afternoon in the Billy Joel song sense.

She did have a big smile for everyone seated at the bar with whom she was serving hard liquor. Everybody knows how that works. Bartenders are your “friends” to the extent you tip them.

Nobody at the bar was watching the two big screen TVs, so our non-drinking group in the dining area asked the red head booze service attendant to switch from golf to the South Carolina versus Florida Gators NCAA basketball game. She appeared to acknowledge our request, but then aggressively ignored us. So we asked the young gay guy host to do it for us, but he just asked her again and she ignored him even more conspicuously than us. He just shrugged his shoulders like it was common behavior from the bartender who was suffering from the delusion that she was boss of the best barbeque joint in this tourist town not too far from Grand Junction.

Advice to her: If you do not want to punctually honor requests by patrons who pay your salary, go back to school and get an MBA, but til then just say YES MAM,  I’M ON IT.  You wouldn’t have opportunity to brown nose for big TIPS from inebriated middle aged men who think you might have sex with them at closing time, if not for the paying non-alchoholic customers. You do have a pretty smile and have mastered the fake sincere, toss your head back, pretending you are actually interested in what your customers are saying type of behavior.


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  1. What is it about bartenders employed in Glennwood Springs Colorado. Are they all possessed of a NEGATIVE attitude? We complained to the manager of Juicy Lucy’s about this punk male bartender who was rude and condescending to waiters and waitresses.

    1. Carey Jones a high end columnist for serious eats wrote an insightful piece where she quoted Ellie Bobrowski. Bobrowski’s disdain for rude bartenders dripped from her words.

  2. Kelly Lunn was awarded employee of the month at the world famous hot springs. She works in accounting department and deserves every penny of her salary. Scott Gagnepain could not be more fortunate in having an energetic and mission statement focused worker!

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